Tuesday, September 01, 2020

R Kelly Nearly Stabbed In Jail House Brawl

Last week R&B singer R. Kelly was attacked by a fellow inmate at the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center after R. Kelly fans triggered multiple lockdowns by loudly chanting 'Free R. Kelly' outside the facility for hours on end, several days a week [click here if you missed that].

R. Relly's lawyer claims he was nearly stabbed to death...

In a new motion for his release R. Kelly's attorney Steve Greenberg claims his client was asleep in his cell when an inmate with 'F--k the Feds' tattooed across his face began stomping R. Kelly in the head and was preparing to stab him with an ink pen, before other inmates intervened. Greenberg claims the unnecessary lock downs triggered by R. Kelly fans have created a hostile environment for the singer.

Greenberg also argues that R. Kelly has not been allowed due process because of court delays caused by the COVID19 pandemic and that he should be released immediately until his trial.

 The ruling is pending.