Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Darius McCrary Promotes Transgender Entertainer Sydney Starr

Back in 2015 when actor Charlie Sheen announced he was HIV positive the only Hollywood friend who stood by him was actor Darius McCrary [click here if you missed that].

In totally unrelated news, Darius appears infatuated with transgender entertainer Sidney Starr...

This week Darius shared a video of Sidney on his Instagram with the caption, "The Undeniable Sidney Starr what’s understood don’t need to be explained xoxoxo ..."

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Goodnight Y’all ... xoxox

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Later Sidney showed up in Darius' comments calling him daddy.

Fun Fact: Sidney Starr single handedly ruined rapper Chingy's career after claiming they had an affair, then admitted she lied years after the fact [click here if you missed that].


CookieMobster said...

Snitch why are you calling this confused man a she???

Rainy Dayz said...

If Eddie Winslow want bussy in 2020 it's his prerogative

R in NYC said...

So Sidney has finally learned how to rap on the beat. Darius looks like he enjoys those lady bois.

Anonymous said...

So what

Anonymous said...

Top 5 corniest tattoos in tattoo history.

Anonymous said...

She's transgender, so? I hope for the day when black people stop being homophobic, biphobic and transphobic.

Alma's Daughter said...

@10:08 am ... and the sad part is that Black trans women are leading this movement—they're the ones taking all the punches, but no one will acknowledge these women years from now when people finally start accepting LGBTQ lifestyles. Insult after the injury.

*That* pisses me off almost as much as closed-minded Black people.

Anonymous said...

His tattoo artist should be put in jail.

Anonymous said...

Black men have been taking so many L's, it's insane! It's like they just dont care anymore, before in the past, they fought like hell to keep their degeneracy on the downlow but now the floodgates have opened on their filth and debauchery. They spent years playing the victim and pointing their fingers at the white man and they're just as disgusting and perverse! A black man was recently in the news for torturing and raping his 10 month old baby girl to death. But the white man is the devil? Black males are screwing animals, children, trannies, men, the list goes on. Black men have the spirit of Baphomet and that Pan demon who likes to go around seeding everything and everyone. Everyone wants to shame black women for black male sick pathological behavior but when are black men going to hold themselves fully accountable? It's also no surprise that the black Male's sick, perverse ways have become DOMINANT since he was given permission to start openly screwing the white woman. Now he despises LIFE (the black womb) and fucks transgenders, children, white men and women, animals......I hope he knows where his black ass going once the Lord judges him.....

Anonymous said...

Burn the Cape, Black women. We know some of you have black sons, etc but how long and how much of yourself must you sacrifice while getting NOTHING in return? In fact, worse than nothing you're getting the life drained out of you and your image and likeness trashed in front of the whole world. You're literally birthing and raising MONSTERS, wheres the blessing or the benefit?

Anonymous said...

Got the all seeing eye tatted right on his chest. Yup they got him.

Anonymous said...

11:13 Shut up dumb stupid bitch! Yo ass ain’t shit, nor your fuck ass words!

Anonymous said...

11:29 Bitch go fuck ya self and log off. You ain’t shit. Vile pussy self

ms mac said...

Live how you live but I'll never understand why someone would get annoyed or not comprehend why a natural born, heterosexual Black woman wouldn't be interested in, excited for, or supportive of a Black man who identifies himself as a Black woman while portraying himself as an over-the-top version of said Black woman who acts like they're better than the natural born Black women they're emulating, all while contending to have more to offer a Black man than a natural born Black woman ever could. That doesn't necessarily render a Black women who doesn't fully embrace the transgender lifestyle as hateful. It could just mean she's fearful, disappointed or skeptical.

Ramon said...

11:13 Not all black men. Some of us know who we were/are. I'm on that Kemet tip myself. I seek wise council from women, from whom creation flows.

Anonymous said...

Sidney all up in the comments going off on real women.

Anonymous said...


Alma I agree! I'm bisexual and we're mostly ignored in the LGBTQ. The transwomen even gotten bold by putting the T first. And what any transmen?

I support the LGBTQ but half of the time, they be on some bullshit. I'm just good living life as a bisexual woman and not jumping on this bandwagon, TLGBQASGHJJNFGJGeneration Z fuckery.

COOLKID said...

This is the same man that married Karrine Stephans, AKA “Super Head”. Nothing he does should surprise anyone! Carry on, nothing to see here!

Don balee me juh watch said...

Those color contacts are a HAWT MESS!

Anon said...

Trans are the new women.

No missed periods, shitty attitudes or babymommas

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:22pm
Trans have stinking shitty assholes. Trans have to be put on the sidelines when their hemorrhoids start dropping down and out. Most black men refuse to accept an imitation. Ain't nothing like the real thing it can't be duplicated.

Anonymous said...

If we all just lived are own lives and respected one another, we wouldn't have these issues.

Bible thumpers are the root of the nasty separation among ppl when they dont understand or condemn others life styles. Read your bible and move on with your life.

Anonymous said...

If Darius prefers boypuss that's his choice... No one has checked for Eddie Winslow in decades.

Anonymous said...

I always thought he was so handsome. He started getting a little different(cockoo) when he didn't find work after his sitcom got canceled.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:22 Sidney logg off and go untuck your balls. You will never be a real woman.

Anonymous said...

.....INSIDER INFO......

Rooster is coming home to roost.
2020 is the year of revelation. Many are being exposed and some are exposing themselves.
I knew after Weinstein and Epstein was going to be a mf hey day. So without further wait lets talk about Miss Sydnnnnnney Staaaaar.
She has been up and down this industry. She is pretty, she is fine, she is gorge. Probably better than old wine some would say.

Shorty has been with pretty much everybody. Even some entertainers errrr rappers have had beef over this thang. Their beef just seemed to come out of nowhere and on some fake ish like.. I don't like him and he don't like me blah blah bullsheeite. But they are really beefing over Miss Thang here.
So lets go through a long list of people who have had some going ons with Miss Star:
1. Diddy
2. Souldja Boy
3. Ja rule
4. Irv Gotti
5. Lloyd
6. Tony Yayo
7. Chris Brown
8. Chris Stokes
9. Marquez Houston
10. Omarion
11. Bow Wow
12. Snoop Dogg
13. Romeo
14. Fifty Cent
15. Busta Rhymes
16. Lil Wayne
17. Usher
18. Julio Jones
19. Ludacris
20. Lil Yatchty
21. Lolyd Banks
22. Jay Z
23. Drake
24. Meek mill
25. Ghudda
26. Lil E (Eazy E oldest son)
27. Threesome wit Shamari Devoe and her husband
28. LeBron James
29. Bobby V
30. Young Jeezy
31. Gucci Mane
32. Yung Thug
33. Rich Homie Quan
........and a whole shit load of others.
Most of them just getting their knobbed polished. But some going in balls deep in the man cootchie. Them mostly been them NY dudes.
Most of the down south boys just get the BJ cause they say its not make them gay. Some do still hit but not as much as them dudes for NY.
They are straight booty bandits. And shorty can go through a dozen in one night. They have a party at a Mansion in New Jersey or Miami and they be in the rooms going at it all night.

Anonymous said...

6:11; you better be glad you are hiding as an Anon on here cause you are a typing lawsuit waiting to happen. What you "insider" people don't understand is we regular folk have real life going on and don't care about this non-info. It's not interesting at all. Who people sleep with, unless its some juicy marital affair, is not good gossip. It's boring.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:11 So Shitney is an industry mattress. Got it.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:01 You sound like someone on that list.

Anonymous said...

I hope Ronnie Devoe and his wife hookin up with that thing is a lie. Yuuuuuuuuck!

Anonymous said...

Sidney Starr looks bad these days

chevychick said...

Sounds like either they are just cool like dat, or he done fell in luv. But whatever, it doesn't effect me at all. Do you man... Next!

You’d like to know said...

Sidney used to be so cute. That weave and color contacts are not the business. She was super cute way back when on Maury.

Anonymous said...

@6:11 pm, thanks for that tea! I'm glad this violent industry is getting exposed after decades. I love entertainment but I hate how it's ran behind the scenes. Fuck the hoes talking about nobody cares. Yes they do. When these scandals break out or some documentary comes on tv exposing these apes, they the first ones talking about it.

Anonymous said...

Transwomen are not real women, I don’t care what ANYONE says. They are cross dressing men. You can’t throw on a wig, put on make up and cut off your dick then call yourself a woman. No sir! You are a man underneath it all.

Anonymous said...

Damn right they are not real women. It's mental illness being promoted and celebrated.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:57 Exactly

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