Monday, October 19, 2020

Drake Unfollows T.I. After Pee Confirmation

Five years ago at the height of Meek Mill and Drake's beef Meek revealed that one of T.I.'s friends peed on Drake with no repercussions [click here if you missed that].

Drake unfollows T.I. on social media after he confirms the rumors on his new album...

Over the weekend T.I.. released 'The L.I.B.R.A' and raised eyebrows with a line from a track called "We Did It Big."  

On the track T.I. spits, " So much I can say about my nigga Cap/ Life as I know it, it started that day / I pulled up when you totaled your deuce in the corner /You say, “I was winnin' the race though”/ Fifth of Hen' to the face, a full fit on your waist /Caught a body, spent millions appealin' your case /While I'm fightin' my own somehow got you home /So drunk in LA, end up pissin' on Drake..."