Thursday, October 08, 2020

Is Tyra Banks Being Sabotaged?

This week new Dancing with the Stars host Tyra Banks announced the wrong names for the bottom two contestants after receiving the wrong cue cards [click here if you missed that]. 

Is Tyra being sabotaged behind the scenes...? 

Sure sounds like it. 

Insiders tell OK Magazine
“Tyra was livid about the mistake that made her look like a fool. She is a new host and knows she is being judged against former host Tom Bergeron, which is why Tyra melted down backstage after the live show. Nothing like this ever happened in the 15 years Tom was hosting, and now there is a voting snafu in Tyra’s first month. Tyra suspects someone is trying to sabotage her. Tyra was made to ad lib through the moment and was totally unprepared. When Tyra is out of her comfort zone she gets nasty and blames others.”
“Blaming the staff and the control room isn’t making Tyra any new friends at the show. The team was already disappointed that Tom, who was loved by everyone, was replaced by a model. And now that same model is calling them out on national TV.”