Tuesday, October 27, 2020

NBA Youngboy Investigated for Assault

Rapper NBA Youngboy accused of kidnapping and assault...

From TMZ
A spokesperson for the Harris County Sheriff's Office in Texas tells TMZ ... a sheriff's task force investigated the rapper and several of his cohorts for allegedly assaulting a man at a studio in Katy, Texas.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a man and his girlfriend headed to a studio to work with YoungBoy on October 5. We're told when the couple arrived, security told them no women were allowed in the studio. The GF left, and that's when things allegedly went south.
Our sources say the man went into the garage at the studio and that's when he claims YoungBoy and his crew pounced on him, put a bag over his head and proceeded to beat the crap out of him ... allegedly kicking and punching him before pistol-whipping him.
According to our sources, the guy said he caught a glimpse of YoungBoy when the bag was removed. Then there's this ... the man claims he saw a body bag in the room and when he asked why it was there ... he told officers they responded they were going to put him in it.
At this point, our sources say NBA YoungBoy then FaceTimed his manager and said, "I got him here." We're told the man claimed the manager told NBA to release him because he just beat a case and didn’t need more legal trouble.
Our sources say someone was then ordered to drop off the alleged victim in front of his house. Once there, the alleged victim was driven to the hospital by his mom and GF.
We're told the man suffered cuts and abrasions to his face plus bruises to his legs but no life-threatening injuries. Law enforcement is still looking into a possible motive for the alleged beatdown. So far there have been no arrests.


Anonymous said...

His time almost up and the clock is ticking fast

Anonymous said...

Celebrating �� ignorance and black failure. Trump 2020!

Anonymous said...

He looks like a retarded Meerkat. what kind of ppl are raising this generation?

Anonymous said...

Crack babies gonna crack.

Anonymous said...

@9:52 AM Exactly!! Crack babies will keep cracking up. These niggas are unbelievable. Doesn't he have two pregnant girlfriends right now? Wasn't he arrested in a gun/drug raid just last month?

Niggas gone nig. They don't like their freedom, but love to scream racism and victimization when they refuse to get their lives in order. What white person made this fucker do this fuckery, I wonder.

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

Another black devil that needs to be put down. I know sick folks on the organ donor list could use some new organs. At least these worthless pos could serve a productive use to society.

Anonymous said...

@2:01 PM
Crack baby body parts aren't worth much on the black market. Whatever drugs he's on has ruined any re-purposing chances.

Kupcakeshay said...

NBA will end up dead or in jail, his karma will meet with him soon.

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