Friday, November 06, 2020

Future Accused of Providing Fraudulent Info in Child Support Case

Over the past two years Atlanta rapper Future has been fighting tooth and nail to prevent paying child support for the daughter he fathered with Florida party promoter Eliza Reign [click here if you missed that]. 

Apparently Eiza has caught Future in a bunch of lies about his finances....

According to court docs, Future testified in court that he stays in a two bedroom, two bathroom home in Atlanta and isn’t sure if he rents or owns the property as he said he lets his “business manager handle all my business.”
On top of Future claiming he doesn’t know how much the home is worth, Eliza’s attorney did some digging and says he found out that Future actually lives in a 5-bedroom, 7 ½ bathroom mansion sitting on 1.69 acres of property.
But on top of Future allegedly lying about where he lives, Eliza’s attorney Brandon Rotbart alleges that Future provided a falsified lease document to the court, which Rotbart feels is grounds to hold him in contempt.
In other instances in which Future has testified, the docs show Future has claimed to own no jewelry and that he’s not making any money off of his music during the pandemic while also claiming he doesn’t know the status of his contracts.