Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Kenya Barris Files Restraining Order Against His Sister

Blackish producer Kenya Barris files a restraining order against his own sister...

According to reports Kenya Barris has filed for a restraining order against his sister Colette Barris after she became irate at his refusal to help get her Hollywood career off the ground. 

Kenya claims Colette has been using his name to secure meetings to pitch her movie ideas and has been putting pressure on his business partners unbeknownst to him. Kenya says Colette demanded he give her $4 million to fund a movie based on the novel she wrote and threatened to go public if he refused. Kenya also claims Colette feels entitled to his money and expects him to financially support her and their extended family. 

Kenya believes Colette will harm his children in retaliation and has requested a restraining order against her. 

The ruling is pending.