Monday, December 14, 2020

Pepa Suing Her Plastic Surgeon

Salt 'N Pepa rapper Sandy 'Pepa' Denton suing her plastic surgeon over botched butt implant corrective surgery...

According to reports Pepa is suing Dr. David Sayah claiming he botched her butt implant surgery three times after she went to him to repair damage to her original implants caused by a car accident. 

Pepa claims she went to Sayah to have her biopolymer injections removed after the accident caused them to shift leaving her in extreme pain. Instead Pep claims Dr. Sayah talked her into getting smaller implants, but he performed an unsuccessful liposuction instead, which required a second corrective surgery. Before that Dr. Sayah performed a separate procedure that caused Pepa's butt to knot up and harden making it impossible for her to perform on stage. 

Pep is suing for unspecified damages.