Friday, January 15, 2021

YFN Lucci Murder Victim was a Member of Lucci's Gang

This week Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci turned himself in on murder charges [click here if you missed that]. 

Apparently the victim is one of Lucci's friends...

From TMZ
According to the arrest affidavit the alleged murder victim is James Adams ... a member of YFN's crew.
Authorities say YFN and the crew had been driving around a part of Atlanta dominated by a rival gang. Cops say on the night of the shooting ... the SUV "entered an oncoming lane of traffic and stopped on the left shoulder, allowing Adams and the front passenger of the vehicle, Ra'von Boyd, to fire multiple gunshots from assault rifle style firearms at people in the rival gang territory." Cops say another guy, Kevin Wright, sustained at least one gunshot wound in the shooting while Adams was shot in the head by return gunfire. He died but not before cops say "Adams was manually ejected from the vehicle a short distance away -- his body left [on] the street."
In the 911 call a woman describes seeing a man hanging on the side of an SUV before being thrown from the vehical.

Lucci is currently being held without bail.