Friday, February 19, 2021

Apryl Jones Only Appeared on Love and Hip Hop to Quash Omarion Gay Rumors

B2K frontman Omarion's baby mama Apryl Jones, who recently made headlines for dating Dr Dre [click here if you missed that], claims she felt obligated to join the cast of Love and Hip Hop LA to help rehab Omarion's reputation...

Apryl tells Madame Noir

That whole situation with me and O on Love and Hip Hop was completely controlled. I never even wanted to do freakin’ reality TV. His management thought it would be good for him to show who he was and his life because there were gay rumors. So to show he was in a relationship with a woman and having kids and all that, they thought it would be great. If you love somebody you’re going to do it, but it just felt very controlled. I wasn’t really myself. 

Read the full interview here 


Anonymous said...

Yea right, 20 episodes ago and she still on TV thirsting for a cum up.

ms mac said...

Somebody please put a clamp on the beaks of all these squawking birds.

Anonymous said...

Snitch must be on the hoe's PR payroll. We don't give fuck who this hoe is fucking.

☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

Everytime I hear about her its never something good about Omarion, etc, its always a takedown against him. Thats how I know he broke her heart and left her. He doesn't say anything. She looks a whole hoe out here.

Anonymous said...

Now she is on the payroll to throw Dre wife off the scent of his real side hoes. Just a beard bearding.

Unknown said...

Apryl ain’t gonna be satisfied until somebody punch her dead in her mouth. Omarion must be somewhere meditating hard Lol I know he wished he listened to his mammy now

Anonymous said...

well she is under the right one to get knocked in the mouth and dragged by her hair. Since when does a motherfucker whose wife is trying to get half his billion start showing up to highly visible places with his side piece cuz he dont care. If he didn't care he would just pack her shit and pay her to go. It is way too much going on with this 'divorce' First an aneurysm, then this weirdo, now she is everywhere nah. We the people have decided this some bs.

Anonymous said...

She's telling the truth. She never even wanted kids with Omarion. That's the reason she had no problem with him getting the kids and the real reason Omarion had no problem with her and Fizz.
Both Omarion and Fizz are GAY. So is Raz B, who plans to come out. He was going to come out last year.
Marquez Houston is also gay.
Apryl been wanting to tell the world that she was simply bearding and went alone with the relationship and got knocked up. But then he could sue her if she did. He left her hi and dri with no money and she couldn't even get any real child support out of him.
She needed some money and so did Fizz and that's the reason her and Fizz faked the relationship to be able to stay on love and hip hop to get the money. Moniece tried to tell people without telling people. But is she a hater. Not really. She knew from the gate. She played along with it so they could all get some money. She know Fizz is gay.
So where does this bring us with Mr. Andre Young.
Well he's GAY TOO. Dr. Dre is indeed gay. He knows his estrange wife plans to write a TELL-ALL BOOK and tell people that he is gay. He has to be seen with A female on his arm. Him threatening Moniece is a whole lie. She's playing along with this the same way she did Fizz. Its all in effort to make their (Apryl and GeyDre )relationship seem real. She talks to Apryl almost every day. Dre is cool with Moniece and her entire family.
Dre is NOT sleeping with Apryl. Dre has Aids. That's the reason he look the way he does. Not stress, but from Aids.
Does Apryl get things from Dre. Yes, its apart of the deal. Dre is also giving money to Moniece as well.

Anonymous said...

Dre and his estranged wife had an Au Pair living in the home for years. Most Au Pair are female. He is a young gay male about 22, jewish and black from Canada. He had an entire section of the home to himself. He was supposed to have allegedly been a house keeper, but they already had other housekeepers who were NOT allowed to live in the home.
His "side" of the home is to have been where Dre keeps his "studio and gym".
Where his wife is NOT allowed. He built her her own gym on their side of the home so she wouldn't have a reason to come over.
He gave Au Pair lots of money and gifts. Au pair would allegedly have friends over for small group togethers. One of those friends is one of the alleged mistress' of Dre.

Truthalwaysfacts said...

WELL DAMN AT 8:50 8:37 SPILLED ALL THE TEA ALL FACTS i dont think dre has aids tho too much money lol

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