Thursday, February 11, 2021

Dr. Dre Dating Arpyl Jones?

Last year Hip Hop super producer Dr. Dre and his wife of 20 years ended their marriage and are currently in the midst of a messy divorce [click here if you missed that]. 

Is Dre dating B2K frontman Omarion's baby mama Apryl Jones...?

Sure looks like it. 

Dre was caught by paparazzi in LA yesterday leaving a restaurant with a date who looked an awful lot like Apryl, except the bottom of her face was covered by a mask. 

Go here to see the pics. 

Fun Fact: Dre's date and Apryl both have distinctive belly tattoos. 


Laa soul said...

Snitch are you joking right now??

Anonymous said...

This is a come up for her and a bottom for him.
She has kids that need to eat. What else does she have to offer but some worn out exotic puss?
He has some ashes hands in that picture.

Unknown said...

SMH Mama Leslie tried to warn you, Omarion Lol. This bitch a gold digging hoe being passed around in Hollywood

Yo MAMA said...

Damn why didn't you just wear your panties and bra? I guess she will go on another rant about why Dr. Dre deserves her pussy. I know she plans on screwing him but at least let him leave something to his imagination. We all can dream and imagine for a little while. These girls now treat they pussy like an outhouse these day smh

Anonymous said...

Well, she's already shown us her pu§y on social media.

..... said...

Typical Dirty Ass Nigga - Will NOT Provide For His Own Daughter ?!

But Out Here Preying On Someone His Daughter Age..

Does $ Make These Old Ass Niggas THAT Deluded ?!

No Young Woman In Her RIGHT Mind Want OLD Balls -& Apryl GIRL ?! *Thumps Forehead*

Old Man ?! Old Ways -

Why You THINK They Call H/er 'BEATS By DRE' ?!

This Lipstick Wearing Cross Dressing Ashy Ass Fag BEEN BEATING On Females Trying To Control His Hungry A nus.

You Think He Like YOU ?

His Low Down Ass Pretended To Like Them TOO- Until He Did NOT Like Them.

Stay WOKE !!

..... said...


You Are NOT Wrong

Stay Woke-

Anonymous said...

It’s not her. Tattoos are different

Anonymous said...

That's definitely her. She changed that stomach tat, but the hand one is still the same. Smh. Omarion left her alone 2 babies too late, but he's still hands down the most unbothered man when it comes to Apryl and her love life lol. Somebody check on Fizz

Unknown said...

Black men (no matter how rich and successful) will always scrap the bottom of the barrel for pussy. It don't matter if the pussy is yt trash, black exotic whores, or a pass-around. They will gladly parade the whores on their arm as if they're won a grand prize.

Apryl is just looking for a comeup. And if he hasn't gotten a vasectomy yet, he may want to look into ASAP! This pandemic got folks trying to secure the bag by any means necessary. By hook, crook, or sexual assault lawsuit. Birds are throwing everything (including cement in a can lol) on social media for clout, comeupperance, and lawsuits lol smh.

Anonymous said...

Not cement in a can?! I'm ctfu! That hair was solid af lmao!

R in NYC said...

Dead@ outhouse pussy.😭😭😭😭
Well that's the type of pussy a closeted woman beater deserves.

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

This chick is not cute to me at ALL. I don't get the hype with her. Black men are after her because she's mixed, light skin with long hair, thin, and got a wide open ran through pussy and low morals.

As for Demon Dre, he needs to be on a spiritual retreat because his ugly as is one more stroke from dying and going to Hell.

Anonymous said...

@320pm lmao you buggin shorty fine!! If she gets beat she knew he was dangerous from the beginning.

Unknown said...


I've seen black men with busted looking women because they looked mixed, had a fine/thin hair texture, or had a big ass. That's the prerequisite for women of color. They just gotta look mixed with good hair, everything else - petite frame, big ass/tits, is negotiable if shorty got the right eye color and hair texture. Just look at Lori Harvey. An average brown skin girl who looks "mixed". But she's been passed around in the right circles which means her marriage potential has gone up.

Don balee me juh watch said...

She told Fizz you gotta sit back while I secure this bag!

Anonymous said...

When she calls him daddy she really means daddy, he's old enough to be her daddy.

Anonymous said...

Second kid's daddy.

☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

It is her. That tat is her. And like the poster at the beginning of this thread mentioned, this is come up for her and downgrade for him. She is doing everything she can to find a baller. Omarion won't have her. And Lil Fizz is lame, so what else can she do?

ms mac said...

She's a good luck genes pass around with no discernible talent, trade or life skills except popping out babies. As long as these chicks don't look like both mommy AND daddy are Black, they get chance after chance to be paraded around like some kind of win. These two low hanging fruit deserve one another if this coupling is real.

Anonymous said...

She hit the jackpot...I'm lowkey intrigued of how this came about...out of all the LA chicks tho' he chose Apryl? Maybe it was just a one-off date/fuck

Charity Myles said...

Dre is sending a strong message that a woman is a woman. He went from a lawyer to the neighborhood girl in seconds. Having a biracial attorney as a wife wasn't what it was cracked up to be.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I agree Ms Mac. This demonic bitch probably uses black magick for her luck. But she's still a ran through average faced messy hoe.

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

#Ms mac where is the lie?

Anonymous said...

Don't know who'd in their right mind would date someone who has Aids and have gay sex with other men and molest little boys....unless they have it themselves.

But then desperate times comes with desperate measures I guess. Look out Omarion, Dre. Dre is about to be fondling your sons.
(Sigh) nevermind Uncle Marques and Uncle Chris has already done that. Your sons should be used to it by now.

Anonymous said...

Y'all just mad to be mad.
He's not taking you out, she's not calling you, and nobody's checking for any of you m************ on here.
In this day and age literally who cares.
Let the DL Beat Master have that fizzled out trick.
The both belong to the streets

Anonymous said...

She belongs to the trash dumpster.

Anonymous said...


Pay attention, this is inside information straight from the A.

We know whom is really after Tip and why!!!

*Felicia Moore*

Felicia Moore is President of the Atlanta City Council. She has been very critically vocal with criticism against Keisha Lance Bottoms from the VERY BEGINNING. She is a first timer on the city council and only joined with the plans of later running for Mayor. She was put in place to drag Mayor Bottoms down and point out things about the Mayor which she has been doing from DAY ONE. There are....I repeat, THERE ARE some very wealthy people, developers that have been trying to get their greedy hands on PRIME LAND in Atlanta for decades. Historical land, that can only be utilized by African Americans but has been sitting idle and untapped. With every Mayor, these greedy ass people have tried to come in and buy the land to develop the area. But because its black historical land they cant. They tried to pay Kasiim Reed a shitload of money to change that so they could buy it and he told them no, so they set him up. They got him to do other dirty deals at the atlanta airport and used it to nail him to a cross.
They sent in and bankrolled the campaign of Mary Norwood because as mayor she could change that and allow them to purchase and develop the land. Mary Norwood is the white woman who ran and lost against Keisha Lance Bottoms.

They know the citizens in Atlanta will not elect someone white, so they are sending in Felicia Moore, a black woman.


Tip was and is continuing to be very instrumental in keeping the Atlanta citizens behind Keisha Lance Bottoms. He was very instrumental in getting her elected. They are trying any means to get rid of what they believe to be Keisha Lance Bottoms support system so they can get her OUT OF OFFICE and Felicia Moore in to do their dirty work. They came after ANTONIO BROWN and they are currently looking up dirt on Michael Render you all may know as KILLER MIKE. They are planning to get him on both drug and alleged bank fraud.
They are watching his so called "Greenwood" bank he is involved with VERY CLOSELY. They are planning to accuse him of opening accounts for drug dealers to launder money. I hope and pray Killer Mike is reading this so he knows whats up. I need you SNITCH to make a post about this. Immediately. I repeat....IMMEDIATELY.

"Auburn Ave"

Auburn Ave is the place of birth of MLK Jr and the entire stretch was instrumental in the civil rights movement, which is why its being protected. White people are not even allowed to open a shop on that street, let alone own a piece of it. This is why they want everyone who is backing Mayor Bottoms. They are after Antonio Brown, TIP (clifford harris), Killer Mike (michael render) and others. Further more, the mayor plans to give tip and render the go ahead to do an Auburn Ave project. These people are PISSED.
I watch them take down Antonio Brown and my family like many others were hurt upset and crying.
This is why Felicia Moore has been attacking and criticizing Mayor Bottoms from day one. It was apart of the plan.

Dear Snitch,

Please do a story to highlight this please. I want Tip and Killer Mike to know we have their back. Also I don't think Killer Mike knows they are after him too. He needs to know this.

If you guys don't believe, take a screenshot of this comment and just sit and wait.

Anonymous said...

After all that's been going on with Mr. Doc lately, you woulda thought she would dress to really impress rather than showing off her lil bitty door knobs.

Anonymous said...


Uh why don't you just send all that to Tip on his instagram or mail him a letter? Same with Killer Mike. Forward all that to him directly. Its not hard to find contact info for celebrities or high profile people. You don't have to rely on a low profile low readership gossip blog to do all that.

Anonymous said...

Awwww.....maybe this is why soon to be ex-wifey held on to that request to find his jumpoffs and side kids til the end she was keeping that in the chamber til sh*t really got fonky......notice how when sh8t wasnt going her way in the break up and pre split negotiations she trotted that out....hmmmmmm

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