Monday, February 01, 2021

Kanye West Sunday Service Lawsuit Seeking More Victims

Last year performers for Kanye West's weekly Sunday Service choir and Nebuchadnezzar Opera filed a lawsuit against the rapper after not getting paid [click here if you missed that]. 

Now attorneys are seeking additional performers to add to their growing class action lawsuit...

From The Sun
Lawyers are now tracking down other alleged "victims" of Kanye’s Sunday Service shows, and has dozens of people lined up to join the lawsuit meaning the final tally will be closer to 1,000 people, the source said.
"They’ve got hundreds of people on board already, but they’re talking to many, many others, who want to be a part of it. People are very upset how they were treated, saying it’s their worst experience," a legal source told The Sun.
One performer, Michael Pearson, involved in the suit, said in court documents that he was paid a flat $250 day rate "regardless of the number of hours worked," had no rest or meal breaks, and was "forced to stand or sit on the ground" all weekend, as there wasn’t enough chairs.
At the end of the show, a promised staff shuttle back to their cars didn’t turn up and they had to walk, court papers read.
Another worker is hair assistant Raina Leon, who alleged in the lawsuit that she was paid $250 for the rehearsal day and $350 for the performance, which took four months to be paid, minus a $20 wire fee, with Leon believing that "other Class Members were also paid 120 days late - if at all."