Wednesday, February 10, 2021

KeKe Wyatt Apologizes for Diminishing Oppression in the Black Community

Back in 2007 bi-racial singer KeKe Wyatt famously admitted in Essence Magazine that her white mother regularly referred to her and her siblings as n-words when they were growing up [click here if you missed that].

KeKe is back with another hot take on race, followed by the requisite apology...

It all started last week after KeKe appeared on the Bigo app with former Love and Hip Hop LA cast member Milan Christopher and the conversation turned to oppression in the Black community. 

KeKe appeared ambivalent and over talked Milan while insisting Black people didn't own oppression and ticked off other races who were oppressed and told Milan there was more to life than just being 'Black.' She also accused the Black community of oppressing bi-racials. 

During the same panel KeKe also called gossip blogger MC Shakie a monkey. 

This week KeKe appeared on Claudia Jordan's Cocktails with Queens to apologize.