Thursday, February 04, 2021

Kola Boof Outs Randy Jackson?

Author and pop culture figure Kola Boof, who famously accused Kimora Lee Simmons of stealing her boyfriend Dijmon Hounsou and breaking up their marriage [click here if you missed that], appears to inadvertently out the youngest Jackson brother...

It all started when actor Darryl Stevens innocently mentioned Luther Vandross on Twitter.

And then this happened. 


Sunno said...

She is messy

Laa soul said...

I guess she's baaaaaack! Let the fuckery begin.

Anonymous said...

WEll that shows how Kimora stole her man. He just left

Anonymous said...

Anyone with common sense could look at Randy & tell he's sweet...the only news is that he swung an Ep with Luther

Rainy Dayz said...

I mean duh, look at him. But I didn't know he was beating on people or him and Luther was smashing. Chile the tea is peculiar today but I'll sip.

R in NYC said...

Kola gonna have her crazy azz up in here in 3..2...1...responding to all her disses under various log in names like she always does.
She knows good and damn well what she did.
Girl bye.

Anonymous said...

Lawd, this woman is back. I guess I'm here for the shyt, I mean Tina did allegedly shoot Randy when he caught his girl and her getting it on back in the 80s...allegedly.

Anonymous said...

Kola where ya been girl she is the original messy queen lol

Anonymous said...

Everyone who knows, knew. Like someone else said, it is what it is. It's Randy's business and he doesn't need to share his life with anyone. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Kola Boof, the middle aged Azealia Banks. Who let this werewolf hoe out her cage?

Anon said...

Kola invented this shit.... Before Celina Powell and dem, there was Kola Boof with her messy self proclaimed "pin hole pussy" having ass.😂

Anonymous said...

I forgot all about this wo-man. Somebody is going to loosen her jaws permanently.

If Wendy out them, I guess she can too. It just better be the truth.

ms mac said...

Is it Luther's birthday or something, because I wanna know why this dude is randomly bringing him up. And Kola knows her ass is messy and always has been. But she might out the wrong one someday.

Anonymous said...

Kola Bear needs to mind her own business. Nobody is hanging out with her ugly a*s at no gay bar.

Anonymous said...


Shananigans said...

Why are people mad when they tell their truth, If she saw it she saw it

Anonymous said...

^ Her truth is in question. Boof Bear has very little creditability, like most blog and ppl that post on them.

Anonymous said...

Who TF cares? Luther is dead and Randy is a has been.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Kola Boof is one the dead skeletons in back of the graveyard Snitch dug up. Snitch will bury her, and dig her up again to get some mores miles off her.

Anonymous said...

IDK how true it is but, I've been told that many men who hate women and beat them won't show that same type of aggression towards another man AND are secretly gay. IDK it that's the case here. Anyway...I miss Luther. I grew up on his music.

Anonymous said...

Who's surprised?

Michael was gay. Their father was gay. Janet goes both ways. Ijs.

Prince gay
Clive Davis gay
Tommy Motolla gay
Berry Gordon Bisexual
Russell Simmons is bigender
Sean Combs gay
Snoop Dog bisexual
Chris Brown bisexual
Bow Wow bisexual
Beyonce bisexual
Solange straight up gay
Jay z gay for a cause (money moves)
Nas bisexual
Fat Joe bisexual
Dr. Dre Bisexual and straight for a cause
Eminem gay and cross dresses
Beanie Siegel gay
Young Thug gay
TI bisexual
Nelly bisexual
Usher bisexual
L A Reid bisexual
Fifty Cent gay
Lil Kim bisexual
Foxy Brown bisexual
Will Smith bisexual/cross dresses
Jada Pinkett gay (straight for a cause)
Willow gay
Jaden gay
Angelina Jolie bigender
Brad Pitt bisexual for a cause
Tiffany Haddish gay (straight for a cause)
Common gay (straight for a cause)
Chris Stokes GAYYYYY
Marques Houston Gay
Lil Fizz gay and depressed
K Michelle Gay
Lil Wayne Gay (straight for a cause)
Drake bisexual
Gucci Mane bisexual for a cause
Jermaine Dupri bisexual
Ludacris gay (he dated a man while he attended GSU)

Where do you began, where do you end? They have all engaged in homosexual activity. Some just enjoy it more than others. And once you get drugs and alcohol in you, every hole look the same.

Unknown said...

Who cares who's gay? Being gay is not a big deal anymore. We have healthy ppl cutting out and swapping organs by choice. Picking their own gender and buying hormones to transition. So what if Randy is a late in life gay man. Who cares.

Anonymous said...

Gucci Mane noooooooooo!
Koola need to calm down randy may be gay but him and jan will roll up and whip her ass

Anonymous said...

How many Unknowns on this site? One of them is a looney tune.

Lauryn Trill said...

Gay and depressed...sigh
And how can someone bey bisexual AND straight???...lord...

Anonymous said...

11:20 You don't care because you like big dicks up your ass.

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