Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Model Beverly Peele Claims She was Raped by Peter Nygard

In a new docuseries about disgraced fashion designer Peter Nygard, 90s model Beverly Peele claims he raped her shortly after she signed a contract with his fashion house...
  From Page Six
“My encounter was definitely not consensual. After my incident, no, I didn’t tell anybody, because I’d just signed a three-year contract, and it was one of those things where … I’m a strong independent person, and I am just gonna brush this under the rug and show up for work the next day. Get my money, and keep it moving,” she said. “I just wanted to finish my contract, and be done with this man.”
Peele got pregnant and “the whole pregnancy I thought it was my husband’s … and then the baby came out … the baby looked identical to Peter,” she recalled. “I didn’t want to hold my son for three months because of Peter Nygard … I had nightmares for three years because of Peter Nygard.”
Peele, along with dozens of other models, makes the shocking allegations in the new docuseries “Unseamless.” 

Nygard was arrested in Canada last month for raping dozens of underage girls [click here if you missed that].