Sunday, March 28, 2021

Lil Nas X Revels in Stanic Symbolism Backlash

This week rapper Lil Nas X released the visuals for his latest single, "Call Me By Your Name" where he appears to be sitting in the Garden of Eden, gets confronted by a snake, goes on trial in a puritanical court and then rides a stripper pole to hell where he seduces the devil before snapping his neck, stealing his horns and placing them on his own head [click here if you missed that]. 

Nas addresses the backlash...

In a Tweet Nas explains true meaning of the video and tells his critics to stay mad. 


Anonymous said...

He's deflecting to remove accountability for this Luciferian allegiance ritual, and he thinks by playing a gay bully victim he can get away with it. Manipulative vaby demon it doesn't fool us.

Gg57 said...

Who cares? Nas can do whatever he wants. He can rape, kill, cheat, steal. But once he is on his deathbed he can repent for all of that and still get into heaven. I mean Those are the rules right?

Anonymous said...

And meanwhile, those that wag their dirty judgemental fingers at Nas X, will commit acts of racism, discrimination, jealousy, fornication, adultery, theft, murder, rape, sexually abuse children....but still think they are going to heaven simply because they are not gay.

People be like > oh you're gay you're going to hell. But will listen amd jam and dance to rap music promoting adultery, premarital sex, drugs, murder, promiscuity, and disrespecting women.

Make it make sense!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh please young man you are full of shit and confused. I get it, you're gay~~~ you took a stand when oftentimes many are shuuned or shut out of the game for being their true selves.
However, this fiasco of a video was waaay too much. First off, the visuals were pure blasphemy towards the good Lord..but, then I guess your balls are to the wall and from here to kingdom come and you u decided it was okay to deceive the BIGGEST DECEIVER, pop his neck and then take his horns?? silly young ass rabbit. Whose raising you boy? I guess nobody and you have a bunch of "yes" folks around.

Nice song, but horrible video and ain't nothing creative or artsy about it. One way or the other, you will pay like you weight for this malarkey. We all fuck up and do things not pleasing...but this visual seemed to be a pandoras box that you should have let be. And now you wanna play victim to being gay or whatnot and use that as your crutch. I don't know how the alphabet mafia is going to get you out of this let alone even support you.

Anonymous said...

10:23, its Palm Sunday so I'll try to keep it cute and classy but how many times you gonna say the same thing on this topic? We heard you the first hundred now go get some therapy because you sound real traumatized.

Anonymous said...

The truth hurts your dirty christian jesus loving only on Sundays soul.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

You must be one of those:
'Swallow the devil's Kum Koolaid all week & then get your stomach pumped out with Holy water on Sumday' type of christians.

Ha ha ha ha

I done called you out the pews you gyrating satanistic animal.

Anonymous said...



Sunday is a day just like every other day. You dumb dirty satanistic christian animals love to live behind your titles and special days.

'Its Palm Sunday so I'll try to keep it cute and classy'

Haaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha

Yeah only on Sunday, cause the passor done told you god only sees you on Sunday.
Girl fuck what day of the week it is. You're a fornicated adulterated drug using whore. And that's the reason you're so gottdamn offended.

Listen you go see a therapist. Or attend a CWA meeting. For CHRISTIAN WHORES ANONYMOUS.

YALL Christian dogs love to get offended when people call you out for doing Satan's work all week. Girl leave that married man alone.
Good Day

☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

I get what he means. Gay people are told they are going to hell that they are awful and that God hates them. But all that symbolism wasn't needed also.

Anonymous said...


This is you on Sunday:

"Ohhhhhh bl bl bl bl uh uh ooh ooh la la la blah blah blooger blooger buggaly boop yaaaaas passor yaaaaas passor the wurd the wurd boogety boop you said it passor you so right passor yaaaaaas when i put this prostitution money in your basket i's goings to heabum when i's die. You right passor, God dont care I prostitute as longs as i give you 10 percent of the money. Yaaaaaaas passor i can gyrate my crusty cooch on satans tongue alls night passor i can sleeps with the marrieds man ballz in mu mouth all nights passor i can let you molest my chullin passor and molestem good passor so they can grow up and be drug addicted whores like dem momma passor.....and its okay passor AS LONG AS I IS NOT GAY"

then you fall out on the floor from your spiritual orgasm you had with passor. then go to the local grocery store and stare down and roll your eyes at another woman...because in your stupid mind jealousy and hatred is okay and God only sees you in church.

Ha ha ha ha ha

Sounds about RIGHT.

Anonymous said...

@1023, 1050, 1059, 1112

Crazy. Deranged.

Anonymous said...

Truth be told and hindsight Lil Nas finessed the fuck out people with his catchy country bop. Even had hundreds of videos of kids singing and dancing to it and then he was going the schools and performing too.
Lil Nas is evil like the Catholic priests...let's just lump him in there with those folks. I hate the cancel culture, it's toxic. But I'm with those toxic folks on thiz one. If anyone needs to be canceled right now it is this young man. He came in real sweet and now has flipped the whole script and has lost his mind. Anything that abusing and trying to get our young folks need to be banished. This guy is trash.

The King Of The Real said...

the song is a bop. the video a little extra

Unknown said...

What does being gay have to do with having pentagrams and baphomets and releasing satan ahoes. Are there not gay atheists who dont believe in jesus or the devil? U chose a side here...Gay or straight

Anonymous said...

Aint nobody mad he publicly pledging his allegiance to Satan but God. As for the rest of us. U just exposing urself

Anonymous said...

Now when he starts whining about his bank account because people stopped buying his shit, I don't want to hear one person feeling sorry for his dumb ass. Let his suffer in his own filth.

Unknown said...

@ Gg57 10:08am Hell No those are not the rules. Christianity started that bullshit lie. You sin all your life and being pure evil and your wicked ass will die and be cast into the lake of fire on judgment day. Your body and soul will be toss in that birch’s Saying sorry on your deathbed ain’t gonna get you into nobody’s kingdom.

Anonymous said...

He made an artist video of his truth. Its not worth arguing about. Have blessed Sunday everyone.

Anonymous said...

Fuck his faggot bitch ass! Yes I said it. I'm a bisexual women and I'm calling him a faggot with my whole chest because I'm sick of these toxic LGBTQ advocates making the rest of us look bad. Naw I take that back... they're making themselves look bad!

All of us queer people aren't the following:

-devil worshippers/Luciferian
-promiscuous, deviant, or pedophiles
-infected with STDs or HIV
- falling for the non-binary and transnazi fuckery
-or or clubbing and spreading COVID

Fuck this JJ Walker, satanic sambo! I'm not Christian. I'm pagan but I know the costs of dabbling in dark and low vibrating entities. His dumb puppet slave ass is gonna learn the hard way!

Anonymous said...


bisexual woman*
or OUT clubbing**

Anonymous said...

Ya'll act like this is a game. Some kind of competition with God. Like how lost are you?? When it's over, said and done all of this doesn't matter. You all wasting your breathe arguing over nonsensical issues. On your way out it is scurry, you'll wish you didn't waste all your time and have a second chance. Like one more time, if you do you better show God mercy. When you share it, there is a problem with people who hasn't experienced it. They just don't care, if you want them. You don't see no one but God, you can hear a pin drop it's so purely quiet. Then you experience something vivid you can't shake, it's not a regular dream. Man, like people trying to avoid just reading the bible instead of going at heads. If you read it in and out but don't understand or misunderstood then you're not chosen. Those people require church, in which God left us quarantine to figure it out without the church. Remember that, we was left for dead from his wrath. I'm not trying to preach, I'm trying to stress that it's truly a waste of time, life when our world is temporary. Let him learn for himself, it never ever end well even for normal people who just pray being luke warm. It's to hard so people just give up and at the end finally realized it truly wasn't worth giving it up, spiritually..the pagans created religion to throw people off. Trust God don't care about domination.

Anonymous said...

That hate comes from the one he worships.

Debauchery is bad m'kay said...


Honest question.

Also, I believe Lil Bussy X is a stunt queen and haS sold his soul to the devil in order to experience fame & fortune. There is no envelope he won't push for attention. He's an ugly untalented convert narcissist. Next he will bend over and spread his cheeks while getting his bussy banged on camera, he'll be expressing his repressed inner child and society will call it art, ground breaking and therapeutic.

Anonymous said...

This is why homosexuality is linked with pedophilia... If every time a fag pushes the boundaries more and more and gets a pass because they felt excluded, misunderstood and maginalized so therefore anything goes and we must be sympathetic to their chosen ways of living and expressing themselves without being able to admonish some of their behaviors that are over the top, then we as society just stay saying yes to whatever sexual proclivities anyone has and here comes NAMBLA

Anonymous said...

Why all the "Christian" hate? for this man's decisions? He's not the first satanist. What does his choices have to do w/us? He's mad at the Lord,clearly. In the end that's who this man will answer to. Choose wisely your path. All will answer to Christ even the one this man is glorifying

Unknown said...

Seems like black folks have lost their last mines. Our people out here doing wicked shit just for fun. Muthafuckas worshiping the devil, living homosexual lifestyles, killing each other, raping each other, blasphemy against The Creator, doing voodoo/hodun, talking to the dead for “advice” and worship 😬 and we wonder why each generation is off the fucking chain. Just straight monsters.

Anonymous said...

I say .. let the sheep/lambs/ whatever the fried f#kery do. That is temptation that is a ploy for a following. The finger game is lame that tits for tac is wacked out. Revelation states that He knows all is not perfect and it states to let it be. The Bible is not gossip they mad at the wrong ones.

I don't feel like God is in heaven crying because of some low budget music video but yeah.. he pissing in the face of religion for his own selfish desires and that cool. If his mama and daddy were gay HE WOULDN't BE HERE but it's cool.
Don't be touched by this man's wants and needs nor his ability to reach out. Don't be swayed by your own religious beliefs. If they believe that sex is more important than a higher power or everything about Jesus is a lie. So be it.

Someone said this is a bop and they right. Now grown folks listen to but a hit for musically.

Either way. this. don't. phase. me. Worse was done to the Son.

Anonymous said...

At least he knows his place and has his plan all thought out to be the King of fallen angels

Anonymous said...

^^Typos. My apologies.. no wait.. Stay Mad .. tuh! the children are growing older.

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

The video was cute and as a Luciferian occultist, I can dig the symbolism. However these ugly lame ass "satanic sneakers with human blood" are a minstrel show to say the least. This is where those racist gay lmnopqrstuvwxyz fools, who have no souls are getting ready to feast on his lil ass. He thinks because they celebrate him showcasing "satanic imagery" he's accepted, those racist soulless troglodytes only use niggas as mascot, he's just the lastest mascot being used. This is why niggas need to learn occult from real nubian occultist with soul ties. He's very much entitled to his opinions. Just watch yourself around the spiritually depraved, profane and depraved, who have no real keys to unlock those portals, ole shamalamadingdong asses.

Anonymous said...

If you can see that Satan exists and is openly worshipped by the wicked who are marked by him then please believe that JESUS CHRIST the MOST HIGH GOD also exists. He is not a blonde hair blue eyed god with long hair. He is melinated and has come for he House of Israel who are also a melinated people, the true humans made in his image.

Lil Nas X has made a pact with Satan. He sold his soul for this temporary fame and riches that he's experiencing. Satan has promised him a throne and position of authority in his kingdom of hell just like he promises the witches, and warlocks who follow his will. Please note that he is the Prince of this world and has the power to bless you with worldly riches and pleasures. He will mock Lil Nas X once his soul leaves his body and will be tormented by demons for eternity in hell fire. He most probably will die a young death in order to prevent him from repenting and giving his live to JESUS CHRIST who is the Savior of mankind and is beckoning us to repent of our sins and give our lives to Him.

We are in the last days and Jesus return is soon. Get your lives in order.

Anonymous said...


Not if his heart is insincere. That is a dangerous game to play with your soul. Sometimes those demons that you have allowed to enter can prevent you from sincere repentance and not everyone gets the window of opportunity of being on a "death bed", especially for those in Satanism. Usually you are inserted with a demon of death and that death will come instantly like we see with most celebrities so you have no time to repent.

Satan and his demons understand the bible and the laws of THE MOST HIGH more than most Christians so they will prevent you from having the opportunity to repent and cry out to Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I just hate this circus clown stole the real Nas name!

Anonymous said...

You know I hurt for the black men in America.. but this BOY didn't do this himself. A movie is coming out on Good Friday about a Virgin Mary devil and I don't doubt the correlation to him posting this video.

That video could have been a representation of a gay man overcoming the battle to be himself. He made it religious. Poor little tink tink.

That red lakefront with those hideous ass baby hairs a F*** joke.

Another problem I have is. These videos degrading black women shit.. women for their butt and breast. The gay community won't be upset They won't understand women being subjected to mere sex toys. They glorify these videos get surgery and call themselves REAL women because they think a man being attracted to their body equates to love.

You see that lil ni*** spewing hatred these comments defending ain't saying nothing but hate. But either the devil or God can be the blame for your lost soul seeking pain to justify the hurt then wearing the mask of the women to call it strength. ...oh well.

Unknown said...

Welp I'm going back to sleep. Wake me up when something decent happens

Anonymous said...

I like this kid. Wicked sense of humor. Remember the "On God" comment? LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!

R in NYC said...

10:08 No that is not how it works. God aint no dummy or a fool. Play with him if you want to.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC
"God ain't no dummy or fool." But you are both a dummy and a fool. Do us all a BIG favor fuck-off and PLAY in traffic.

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