Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Meghan Markle Confirms Tyler Perry Rumors in Ratings Grabbing Interview

Last year there were reports that Prince William and Meghan Markel had been taken in by billionaire Tyler Perry and given the use of his private security team [click here if you missed that]. 

Meghan Markel confirmed the rumors in her blockbuster interview with Oprah....

According to reports more than 17 million viewers tuned in for Meg and Harry's sit down with Oprah where Meghan confirmed that Tyler Perry graciously offered the use of his security after the Royal Family cut Harry off financially and removed his security detail.

Also, more than 11 million viewers tuned in from the UK.  


Anonymous said...

Fuck these two professional whiners. It has been explained by the head of their British Security team that what they would need while living in America would cost over 4 mill that that they expected the tax payers to foot the bill, the security teams from over there are not authorized to carry weapons in US for extended periods of time and most of them have families that they could not leave to be 24/7, 365 details for them. That's why I cant get on board of their Woe Train. Archie can't have a title or security because neither he or his father is in the royal bloodline and his mother is an asshole. I cant imagine how happy anybody would be to get rid of these two losers and thats considering the fact the Windsors are monsters.

Anonymous said...

It is like they wanted it all and more. Her name should be More-Again

Anon said...

say that again. straight up clout chasers.

Anonymous said...

Lawd Meghan is the Black Chyna of the Royal Family. She will be a throne in the royal keister (In cardi's voice) FOREEEEEVA!!!!

Anonymous said...

Him and that one gray suit its like he literally got the hell outta there with the clothes on his back meanwhile she uses all his inheritance money to stay dressed to the nines. Ok Meg we been seent you girl.

R in NYC said...

I love how Meghan is sticking it to those inbred monsters. Fuckem all!!! I dont care what her motives are or were. They deserve all the stress and anxiety coming their way. They have fucked over Africa and Australian native people for decades. This is called KARMA!!!! Karma will always be served and she's a vindictive bitch!
The "firm" is working overtime on gossip blogs coming for this woman like they always do. It's just shameful!
The RBF are nothing but country stealing, resource stealing, children stealing, lives killing inbred devil worshipping, blood drinking, pedophiles and degenerates!
So miss me with all the Meg and Harry hate!
Good for them Tyler was able to help them out. It's good to have friends in high places.
What have your friends done for you lately other than borrow money and act shady?

Anonymous said...

^^^I too, like how they puttin that monarchy on blast...They killed Diana & they tried to control the narrative...Also, i don't see how them telling their story a year later is clout chasin....
Hateful ppl just hate to hate...WattaLife!!

Anon said...

2 943, 1002

really?? but no one had a problem when she married into that same family.
i never seen so many black happy since Obama became POTUS and lately kAMALA.


mind you, she is still married to the family..they just don't have the titles so Prince Charles and the Queen are still Archie's grandparents.

you on tv dragging this family but this is still your kin.

this is what happens when family air their dirty laundry in public.

there can never be healing now. bad move for a check.

R in NYC said...

11:14 That family BEEN racist!!! Where you been? They thought they were going to use Meg and Harry to their own delights and her mental health be damned! Meg flipped that shit on their lame rumpled royal azzes and said not today Satan! She will not be kept silent while the UK media bashes her and glorifies that homely, thin lipped Kate.
She's better than me cuz I would have been spoke my peace! I would have exposed all their dirt and then some! You don't fuk with my kid!

Anonymous said...

I agree with some of the other posters. Why are you mad at this couple? This monarch and other European country's stole, raped and slaved ppl of color for century's. We lost land and identity. Self hateful negroes need to learn your history and understand the real struggles of our ppl.

Anonymous said...

His family did all that and more we will never imagine but Ms Royal Dutchess for 2 weeks will need to hire an acting couch to convince anyone she was oblivious to wtf they are about. She emulates Diana in a creepy way.
Now that they broke away they look sadder than ever. If anything they on tv cuz they feel scared when that old lady and her husband kick the bucket its gon be on an popping. Trapped father and brother bout to give zero fucks.

Anonymous said...

Well my my my look at Meghan showing up as her father and step sister airing out 'her' family. Mmmmm when the mighty fall off the curb.

Anon said...


She grew idolizing Diana according to one of her friends.

Anon said...


Not surprisingly, she help throw his folks under the bus...expect the same

Anon said...


I say again. She knew that before she married them.
Like Black Chyna married into the Kkkardashians..you knew whzt they were abiut.

Megan us an clout chaser.

I din't feel sorry for piss coloured ass.

Anon said...


Its not hate. Its the sympathy they want.
She married the son who wire a swatsitka to a party...she married that dude.

None of yall said anything about racism when she married into this family but now that she chose to give up her title...dey racist. Foh!!!!

She knew what she was getting into.

Anon said...

Also , for all of yall riding this girls' panty liner, she doesn't identify as Black BUT as mixed race.

She's not trying to go to the cook out.

DaughterofZ said...

Not even true royalty. Changed their name a while back. They are actually German. But chickens still coming home for Baby Rome.

NyahbinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

R in NYC
Say that again!!! fuck those bootleg "royal inbred thieving ass welfare recipients" They are not even real royalty like Queen of Sheba, Hail Selashi, fuck these dollar tree "royals" ain't nobody checking for them hoes since they had Diana killed for wanting to escape their hateful, racist asses. If they can give Diana hell, you know damn well Meghan was going to get hell, I remember there was a story awhile back with her dog having broken legs, that bland bitch Kate looks hateful too. Change is coming once those old, hateful, racist asses die off.

Anonymous said...

They could start their own Title and lil family Crest
Their Royal Recipiaaaant of Welfare.

Gave up the title and left shiiiit them mf's would gladly still be there. That ol biddy probably had their luggage searched before they left and took the tiara that bitch was trying to get away with.
Meghan thought she was swooping in to take over and got her ass kicked out so gracefully she thought it was her idea.
She tried to be Diana so bad her name should be Meanna. Glad she didn't throw herself down the stairs like Diana because she would of been super disappointed when they stepped on her.
Caption that bitch landing on a hard spot, peeking out one eye to realize no one was about to help her up.
Truth be tols she probably was hoping Harry stayed with them.

Anonymous said...

These Meghan bashers aint nothing but UK trolls infiltrating the blogs!

Anonymous said...

157 nawh brooody Brooklyn here and seeing thru this bitch and her bullshit. Nobody could dispute the ugliness that is them but out her own mouth they would still be there if they had been treated better.

Anonymous said...

Seriously though his grandparents are in their 90's man probably on his death bed to drag them at this point is crazy and shows he is no better HTF does he claim to love, respect and honor his grandmother? This shit is all about money.

Yes, I'm That Leah said...

DON'T EVER ALLOW WHITE PEOPLE TO RUN YOU OFF YOUR POST AND YOUR MONEY. PERIOD. Don't give them what they want. When someone is beneath you, pay them dust.

Don't let anyone run you away from your money and position.

Black people get called the N word every day of the week. How is this news? If every black person ran from the N word, we wouldn't have doctors, teachers, preachers , civil rights....etc. Heck. I wouldn't be where I am today!

Don't ever make major decisions when you're angry. Instead of just living in their remodeled cottage and scaling back on appearances for a year - or until things were resolved, they gave up everything over some racists and WORDS! Now, they have to pay for security and housing...cry me a river.

It seems like they want to come back. The regret is apparent. They can't come back together, so... they are heated? And, hell bent on getting revenge on his family and staff? Help me understand. They are 2 adults who CHOSE to leave their posts in an explosive way. Exactly what the racists and the establishment wanted.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think MM should STFU. Sounds like inlaw issues to me. Keep it in the family.

Anonymous said...

@12:48 idgaf what she identify as cuz she is biracial BUT she came out a Black Womb....Cut the shit!!!

Anonymous said...

You should start a blog fan club for tragic mulattoes and stop whining and complaining on here.
We, I mean black folks won't even complain on your blog we will stay away as if you have the plague
You must be insane you come to a blog with black folks wanting us to change OUR point of view, and you keep getting the same results, that's insanity.

☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

I believe in the beginning there was a honeymoon phase with the RBF and then after the wedding the drama with her father and "extended" family the royals felt a certain way.

It doesn't matter what Harry and Meghan do or where they go, he will never be a King. For Harry to be king a lot of people would need to either abdicate the crown or die and thats not gonna happen. They should have let them live as they wished and modernized and image of the RBF. All they do is sit in stuffy rooms and contemplate bullshit. Just fucking live.

Unknown said...

@9:43AM...that is real damn talk right there!! People need to know history!! I was shocked she didn't do her homework a little bit on their asses....the "monarchy" has always been like this for centuries!! KARMA is a real BITCH!!

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