Thursday, March 25, 2021

Rihanna Makes Music History

Rihanna's critically acclaimed 'ANTI' album has spent five years on the Billboard 200...
Rihanna is the first Black female artist to achieve this feat. 


Anonymous said...

Riri is a phenomenal business woman, great human and moreseo a horrible singer. Riri, Bey and Nicki were allowed to dominate and shut other waaaaay more talented artists out the picture.
As a result, they have these fake and unwarranted titles of " the greatest or queen this that or the third". But, hey i guess don't hate the players, hate the game.

ms mac said...

Well said @8:24AM. It's interesting how all of the young Black women the music industry has allowed to be propped up have one thing in common: selling a whole lot of sex and sexual fantasy. It starts there, then they do a little charity or humanitarianism work and voila! They're the Best, Cultural Icons, Greatest of their Generation, Most Inspirational, whatever. Shit's pretty formulaic at this point so for any young woman who aspires to become like any of them, all they have to do is have the "look" and closely follow the playbook.

Anonymous said...

RiRi is pretty from the nose down.

Anonymous said...

Not How You Line Up-

It Is Where You Wind Up

On Any Scale By Any Measure-

THAT Is Impressive !!

Congratulations To Rhi; ).

Stay Woke-

R in NYC said...

After watching a few Unsung episodes you all should know this industry is nothing but smoke and mirrors, pay for play and wwho fits the image and agenda they want. Talent is no longer necessary. Autotune is their savior and friend. Yes Rhi Rhi sounds like a wailing goat but at least she broadened her horizons beyond music.

Anonymous said...


Rihanna is NOT a great human being. Where the fuck you been?

That chick is a outright Satanist/Luciferian. She gave a lap dance to a 14 year old years ago. Her Fenty line was shut down because of exploitation of laborers in India. She stays glorifying pedophilia like her ANTI cover and her naked in a tub kissing her niece. The elites love to see that and she stays giving white elites what they want which is why she so protected.

She was a hateful ass foreign bitch who targeted and bullied African American women who were more talented than her. Her whole persona became popular of of being a promiscuous drug addict who bullied Black girls. But you never seen her ass target a White woman.

She abused Chris (even though he still shouldn't have beat her like he did). She supports colorist abusers ASAP Rocky and Fabolous. She supports R. Kelly. Rihanna is the ultimate pick-me. I can't understand why she stays supporting men that beat women.

She supports slave play and anti-ADOS sentiment.

She's a psychopath (have you seen that BBHMM video?)

And to this day she's still a bully.

With all her fame and money, she's still miserable and still dating dusty, abusive, ex-convict Black men like ASAP when she could've leveled up like Ciara or stay single and live a clean, happy life like Mya.

As for her album success, Rihanna needs to thank Lucifer, her looks, tone deaf white people, colorism, and social media culture. Because of this were the 80s and 90s her as would've been laughed off the stage like they did Vanity 6.

I hate Madonna opened the doors for hoes like Rihanna and Britney Spears. Jodi Watley should've have gotten Madonna's spot.

I will admit I like Rihanna as a model and that's it. Her pussy selling ass should've signed a modeling contract or audition for America's Next Top Model instead of signing a record deal and making our ears bleed.

KenyaDoll said...
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NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

The camera certainly loves this daughter of Oshun and Yemaya. I just need her to stop buying those hollyweird mansions with all that glass, and looking like someone could scale the back of her house, and try to break in hopefully it's shatter proof glass and air tight security and Miss Riri got the glock on lock by the bedside. Gwaan tru my fellow island sis an who nuh like it, bite it!!!

Anonymous said...


Low key, the most talented and most phenomenal Black female popstar whose been out the past 10 years isn't Bey, Nicki Minaj, or Rihanna. It's JANELLE MONAE. But because Janelle is dark skinned, educated, and a quirky alternative Black girl who most Black people can't relate to, she's overlooked.

Janelle does pop, rock, funk, soul, hip-hop and she made great music before she became mainstream and watered it down. If the industry wasn't so colorist Janelle would've been in Lady Gaga's level.

Anonymous said...


Niyabehemoth Wild Woman

Nothing you wrote make sense. Yo ass is too old to be a fangirl stan.

Anonymous said...

11:56 Janelle is talented and holds her own.
However, she's a tool and will do whatever to sustain her career. She's an avid supporter of the alphabet community and how many sexual orientations does she call herself? Trisexual, bisexual, binomial?? She's fake and I lost all respect for her. But, she's definitely playing the game and selling her soul and morals too. So, she really ain't no better.

Anonymous said...

Noticed how long it's been since Ms. Riri posts pics of herself smoking?? Her weight gain was due to moving over to edibles, the smoking ruined her voice. She can no longer hold even a billy goat note, that's why there has been no new music. Her team has been working diligently on stringing previous recordings together to form a song. This takes ALOT of time. The song will be released tho. Sit tight.

Anonymous said...


Yeah you're 100%. I like Janelle as an artist (as a person that's another story...too many stories about her horrible attitude) and she has more talent, charisma, and creativity than all of her peers including Beyonce.

However, you aint lying. I know two dudes who used to work/produce for Janelle and they said she's a full blown lesbian. Not pansexual, bi, nonbinary, etc. Janelle is using all of those terms to sell records and stay devoted to the white elites. I don't have issues with the LGBTQ since I'm bisexual myself. But what I can't stand is how sexuality is exploited to push stupid ass agendas.

Anonymous said...

I thought this post was talking her 500 penetration's in the last 5yrs. Now that's a Bloop

Susie said...

I liked her old stuff but her new sound is not for me. Rudeboy and Diamonds will do.

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