Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Hazel E Battling Surgeon Over Naked Pictures

Earlier this month former reality star Hazel E almost died after getting a botched mommy makeover procedure in Turkey [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Hazel is accusing her plastic surgeons of using her naked pictures to keep her quiet...

Hazel shared a text message exchange with her doctors and accused them of trying to hack her social media account. 


Anonymous said...

She dresses half naked so what's to see. She is not relevant. NEXT

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you should've read the fine print before signing your life over to the hands of foreign strangers. Good luck with that dummy.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Never a good sign when you are on a first name basis with your doctor, no matter how intimate of a procedure you are going through. Celebs (and now even these pseudo celebs) are weirdos.
I really hope that was just the assistant or the receptionist she was going back and forth with.

Anonymous said...

This NUT Does Not Get ?

That The Battle Is Within Herself ?

What A Loser Lol

Stay Woke; ).

Unknown said...

9:50 lol

R in NYC said...

Chiiiile...this is just too much to go through for some new boobs at a discount. She may have got them for free but even free was too much to pay for all that pain and misery!🙁🙁🙁
The surgeon is mad unprofessional! Damn Hazel really scraped the bottom of the bucket.
File this under Sh*t not to do ever again!

Anonymous said...

This chick is so delusional that it's almost not even worth mentioning.
You went and got some s*** done to your body way way far away from home in a country of New York origin your birth.
You entrusted somebody who's pure focus is to make a profit from Americans who don't pay attention to their bodies their lives or health or anything else.
So this is what she paid for and this is what you got you didn't read the fine print which basically says any pictures that we utilize which does not show your face or your private parts will be utilized as promo for additional patients. How do you think to decided on getting the surgery you looked at other patients and said oh.
Dumb ass.

Anonymous said...

Nudes? Bitch the before and after shots are part of standard operating procedure. Cut the shit. You need a storyline this bad? Go away! go raise your child.

Anonymous said...

How is she making her money? What career? Was she a singer or rapper. Please go away.

Anonymous said...

That's why she balled out and bought Spirit airlines to tickets to Turkey to get that basement bottom Mommy makeover by unqualified doctors.
She knows that she needs to get back out on a rubber dinghy or a robo and make some money f*** the yachts!
Them days is over!
Her and has-been-through-like-a-comb Amber Rose need to do a collab called "LLTC"
Loser light skin Tatted Chicks

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

What the fuck kind of low budget, low rent, bootleg dollar store surgeons she went to? those low rent probably didn't even pass the board "surgeons" operate like typical women hating arabs.

Anonymous said...

Real women that get a mommy makeover, go to the fukin spa (get a body wrap, a facial, a massage, mani pedi, a full body wax), go to the salon and get their hair done and go shopping for new wardrobe. They get pampered at a bed and breakfast.
NOT go chop up their fucking bodies again and again and again. What a stupid shameless whore-fying experience. What an idiot. This lady was rather okay looking before the surgeries. Well she looked a bit manish, but was okay. She had to go to the chop shop just to make herself feel pretty enough to call other women ugly.

She don't see what happened to Usher's ex wife Tameka. Or what happened to Kanye West's mom.

Dee said...

How are they going to use her photos to keep her quiet?
NOTHING AND NOBODY would be able to keep me quiet if you did something to harm me or committed malpractice. let the WHOLE DANG WORLD SEE!!! I wouldn't care at this point. Imma be talking LOUD at my attorney's office. What?

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