Friday, April 16, 2021

Janet Jackson Auctioning Off Thousands of Personal Items

Pop star Janet Jackson auctioning off thousands of items of clothing for her 55th birthday...

According to reports Janet Jackson will be auctioning off iconic items from the 'Rhythm Nation' era including the black jacket she wore in the "Rhythm Nation" music video, a black "1814" cap and the black coat she wore during her 1990 Rhythm Nation World Tour. 

The three day auction kicks off on Friday May 19 and ends on Janet's 55th birthday May 16. 

The auction will include more than 1,000 personal items available for bidding live in Beverly Hills and online. 

A portion of the proceeds will benefit advocacy ministry Compassion International, which supports children in need worldwide.


Anonymous said...

Good for her. I love how her and MJ gave back.

Im sure her broke relatives will be knocking on her door for hand outs.

R in NYC said...

Miss Jackson if you nasteeeeee.
Love me some Janet. She stays on my playlist.

Lacy said...

Don't blame her. Probably accumulated a ton of things over the years.

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

Age of Aquarius is an air type energy, it's a lighter frequency, you can't move into this new frequency with all that consumerism shit, less is more it's the age of minimalism, vegetarian/vegan/fruitarian. Yoga, meditation, singing bowls, mantra, light flowing clothes, natural hair, living in balance and harmony with Mother Earth taking only what you need. It's the death of capitalism, imperialism, greed, it's all about balance with self and source. Something the infant race lacks, and the parent race forgot.

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