Monday, April 12, 2021

Justin Timberlake Planned Infamous Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction

Earlier this year pop star Justin Timberlake finally apologized to Janet Jackson for throwing her under the bus after he ripped her top off, exposing her breast, during the 2004 Super Bowl half time show causing Janet to be blacklisted for over a decade [click here if you missed that]. 

Turns out it was Justin's idea all along...

Stylist Wayne Scot Lukas spilled the beans over the weekend claiming Justin wanted to out do his famous ex- Britney Spears after she kissed Madonna at the MTV Video Music Awards. 

Lukas told Page Six Justin insisted on 'doing something bigger than their performance. He wanted a reveal.' He originally planed to step on the train of Janet's dress exposing her butt, but ended up ripping off her breast covering instead. 

In her apology afterward Janet coined the phrase 'wardrobe malfunction' to describe the incident but Lukas says it was anything but telling Page Six, "I wouldn't call it a wardrobe 'malfunction' in a million years. It was the most functioning wardrobe in history. As a stylist, it did what it was intended to do."