Friday, April 30, 2021

Lil Kim Signals New Heartbreak

Last year rapper Lil Kim reunited with her daughter's father, Honduran rapper Mr. Papers, after a years long estrangement and warned him not mess it up this time [click here if you missed that]. 

Have Kim and Papers called it quits again..?

Who knows for sure but yesterday The Queen Bee shared a few cryptic posts on Instagram stories implying her heart had been broken by someone who has betrayed her trust in the past.


Gg57 said...

He'll be back once she gets some more money.

Anonymous said...

I understand her wanting to have a family. Dude used her for a come up. Maybe it would have worked if his music didn't suck.

Dee said...

@10:48 - I'm laughing at "dude used her for a come up" but he's still down. Dude don't even know how to use people. He is a LOSER and will always be. How is THE LEGEND Lil Kim your baby's mom and he STILL can't get on?? LMMFAO SMH Mr. Papers more like Mr. Who. I'm over here CACKLING like ole boy from Why Did I Get Married when he was laughing at the nightie and his big wife. LOL This is tickling me so much. LOL

Anonymous said...

Well to be fair Papers is in the same boat as Will. He is competing with a ghost. This dude will never be Biggie no matter what he does or raps about he could suck a dick in Kim's eye.

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