Sunday, April 11, 2021

Olivia Simmons Names Her Abuser

Last week Philadelphia 76's Ben Simmons' sister Olivia claimed she had been sexually molested by her one of her half brothers without using his name [click here if you missed that]. 

Olivia reveals exactly which half-brother she was talking about...

The alleged molester is Ben's manager Sean Tribe.   


☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

Oh shit.

Anonymous said...

Probably best she be specific as that small detail could ruin someone else's life that didn't do it. Sounds like she's been through a lot and she should be able to live her truth out loud if that will get her closer to healing.

R in NYC said...

She needs intensive therapy. Social media can't cure her ills. If she's hoping the half brother will confess and acknowledge her pain she will be disappointed Time to heal and focus on her own well being.

Anonymous said...

This is white folks' problems. Moving right along.

Anonymous said...

11:48 - To Your Point Of "Her Truth Out Loud"

& Save Others From SEAN TRIBE Child Molesting Ass. ( I Bet Any $ She Ain' t His 1st Victim)
& Help Other Victims Find Their/ The Voice To NAME & SHAME These Perverted Predators.

& Save /Restore A Good Man's Name.

Abusers Bank On Their Victims Silence ..

& Able To Reoffend Over & Over Again

Child Molesters Issues Are About POWER

Which Are BLACK / Family & Social ISSUES

Issues That Have DESTROYED Us As A Whole.

Only So Much Dirt Can Be Swept Under The Rug Before It Gets In Your Eye..

Stay Woke; ).

Anonymous said...

How incredibly sad. God bless and I hope she receives all the help she needs.

Anonymous said...

She's not lying. And if the family would've acknowledged it a long time ago, by now, with fame and money involved, there would've been healing.

He talks about her drug abuse. He talks about her having mental health issues and needing treatment. He talks about her losing her kids.

But what he doesn't talk about is how her molestation, committed by him put her in the position he's talking about. This happens a hellofa lot where families cover up molestation and rape.

Im sure she has some texts from her stupid whore mother incriminating his ass. And she should release it.

Anonymous said...

snitch so now we delete messages... that was distasteful and disappointing

Anonymous said...

@1:22 Please kill yourself. She's not even white.

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

Now she needs to find healing off social media, and that pervert flung under the jail or put down.

Anonymous said...

Listen you worthless piece of shit. You are probably one of the same bitches who comes to RWS every fucking day to belittle and denigrate little black girls and women. But you will put a cape on and get angry and start foaming at the mouth over some white or mulatto girl.
Bitch, save your fucking outrage for the racist over at stormfornt ,like minds. In other words fuck off you mutt.

Anonymous said...

We know too much about this woman. I really hope she seeks out mental and spiritual help.

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