Tuesday, April 20, 2021

R. Kelly Associate Pleads Guilty to Torching Azriel Clary's Car

Last year R. Kelly's former girlfriend Azriel Clary's SUV was set on fire in the driveway of her home [click here if you missed that].

An R. Kelly associate has just plead guilty to the crime...

From Click Orlando 

An associate of musician R. Kelly pleaded guilty Monday to setting fire to a car outside the Central Florida home of Kelly’s ex-girlfriend.
Michael Williams, a relative of Kelly’s former publicist, faces a minimum of five years in prison when a judge sentences him in October.
Investigators identified Williams as a potential suspect after records from Google reportedly showed he had looked up Clary’s address on the internet search engine shortly before the arson.
“I drove from my house to Kissimmee, Florida and deliberately set a car on fire in someone’s driveway,” Williams said during a court hearing in New York Monday after pleading guilty to arson.
As part of a plea agreement, federal prosecutors dropped a charge of witness tampering. There was no mention during the court hearing that Williams would be required to cooperate with law enforcement in any other criminal cases.
In June 2020, as Clary was preparing to testify against Kelly in federal court, Clary’s mother, Alice Clary, called 911 call to report the family’s car was on fire.