Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Azealia Banks Vanquishes Elon Musk and Beheads Grimes

Azealia Banks vanquishes her nemesis Elon Musk and beheads his baby mama Grimes...

...for her NFT [non-fungible token] Gallery. 

Azealia recently shared artwork depicting herself as the Hindu goddess Khali Ma wearing a Bitcon crown with Grime's head on a platter while standing over a bloody Elon Musk. 

Fun Fact: Azealia Banks famously fell out with Grimes after she kept Azealia waiting at Elon's house when they were supposed to be working together leading to Azealia Tweeting that Elon was high when he Tweeted about taking his company private triggering a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation [click here if you missed that].