Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Dess Dior Tired of The Harem Life?

Last week rapper Future's baby mama No.3, Brittni Mealy, shared a post on social media implying she and Future were still messing around despite his current romance with Atlanta rapper Dess Dior [click here if you missed that]. 

Looks like Dess is getting fed up...

After Brittni's latest antics went viral Dess sent a cryptic Tweet wondering why people being happy bothered some people. 


Anonymous said...

I had to read that shit 6 times to understand it.

R in NYC said...

Are there not enough diseased rappers to go around?

Anonymous said...

Oh NOW you irritated?? Bye wig

Sunno said...

Dess knew what it was when she got with Future.

Unknown said...

It's Future's job to keep his hoes in line. The primary is just supposed to play her position, happily .. Dess is too old not to understand the game that low budget whores play. It's all about creating distractions and mistrust in your relationship. It's not about your happiness, it's about them feeling like they need to shit all over your relationship because they can't have what you have - a relationship with a man that they're still in love with. Pay the bird dust and continue to live your life happily.

Anonymous said...

Uh, I think what Dess is realizing is she probably (duh!) isn't the only one! LOL

I think the girl is only ~22; this is what happens when men date much younger. By all means, do your thing, but when you date a younger woman who doesn't actually know the game, they get in the their feelings.

I always use them as an example, but again- Marjorie and Lori. Marjorie taught her daughter the game. -Trey Songz was obviously dealing with other women behind her back and knocked someone up. She didn't say a word; just kept moving.
-Future is a man with multiple "baby mommas"; Lori basically used him for the "bad boy" experience and tossed him aside when she was done. Didn't say a word.
Dess is upset because she doesn't actually know the game. A man like Future will make a woman feel special, while having a rotation of 10 other women he dips in on schedule. She probably thinks she "tamed" him. LOL

If no one teaches you about men and the dating world, you won't know that much by 22.

A smart women doesn't want to deal with a man who has "low budget whores". If he has "whores", they need to be the type that actually keep their mouths shut. Like the ones you find in an escort service.

That's how the politicians do it. :-|

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