Sunday, May 16, 2021

Lamar Odom Slams Ex Over Child Support Demands

Lamar Odom lashes out over his ex, Liza Morales, suing him for child support for their 19 and 22 year old adult children...

From The Blast
Liza Morales, Odom’s ex with which he shares to kids is suing Odom for not paying child support. In the lawsuit, Morales states that Lamar has not paid any money in child support for about a year. This issue is likely going to end with her and her two kids being evicted from the Manhattan home. As they have not been able to pay the rent because of the lack of support.
In the lawsuit, it does state that Odom has directly given his sons money sporadically. Without presumably any of the money coming into Morales’ account. The fact that the money is going directly to their son puts him in a “difficult situation” Morales claimed in the lawsuit.
Morales owes her landlord around $50,000 dollars in rent fees plus interests. She is certainly hoping to get Lamar to pay up before she gets evicted. The fact though, that Lamar has refused to pay has led to plenty of speculation about his personal situation.