Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Tristan Thompson's Former Side Chick Hires Gloria Allred

Last week NBA player Tristan Thompson's legal team challenged Blackout Girl Sydney Chase to produce text messages proving their alleged affair or face a defamation of character lawsuit [click here if you missed that]. 

Welp, Sydney just retained noted women's rights lawyer Gloria Allred...

From The Sun
On Tuesday, Gloria Allred said in a statement obtained by The Sun: “Our client, Sydney Chase, is outraged at what she regards as false statements that have been made about her in the media by Tristan Thompson’s representatives.
“She has retained my law firm, Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, to represent her and to conduct a full investigation which she believes will substantiate the relationship between her and Tristan Thompson.”
“Mr. Thompson’s representatives have challenged her to reveal evidence of their relationship."
“We would be willing to share evidence that Sydney has given us, provided that Mr. Thompson will make himself available in person to answer my questions and provide us with documents that we request."
“If Mr. Thompson has nothing to hide, then we would expect that he will make himself available for questioning by me and that he will voluntarily provide the documents. "
Gloria then says that Sydney would be "willing to present at this meeting to answer questions and provide documents."


Unknown said...

Oh, shit! Sounds like someone has receipts!

Why do men do this? Cheat and disrespect their committed partners, and then publicly drag the nonsense out in public knowing that they fucked up and that there's proof? After everything Tristan has publicly put Khloe through the least he could do is come clean to her. Admit to fucking around and then leave BOTH women alone. Being single involves so little drama. It leaves little to no opportunity for thots to expose you and use your fame for their comeup smdh

Anonymous said...

Sydney Chase is not up against Tristan, she appears to be wrangling with the K's.

Charity Smith said...

Kim Kardashian's bitch, punk ass don't read comments because she can't handle them...the truth hurts that slut. I can handle negative comments, cause a nigga NOT going to say it to my face. Kim Kardashian has herpes.

Charity Smith said...

btw, lololololool@ Khloe!

R in NYC said...

The plot thickens

Alma's Daughter said...

A player is gon play. She should expect no less. This is probably some drama to rack up some kind of ratings.

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