Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Kyle Massey's Mother Disputes Felony Charges

This week former Disney child star Kyle Massey was hit with felony charges for electronically sending sexually explicit content to a minor [click here if you missed that]. 

Kyle's mother sets the record straight...

In a video posted on Instagram Kyle's mother, Angel Massey, confirms that the accusations are from the same family who tried to sue Kyle two years ago [click here if you missed that], and maintains that Kyle is the victim of extortion. 

Angel Massey also reveals that Kyle had a sexual relationship with the accuser's MOTHER, when he was 16 and she was 23, and that's who he was sexting with. 


Anonymous said...

When you deal with Yt trash they will always try to bring a black person down if you have more than them. Black Wall Street, M.Jackson is a perfect example. Leave them in the trash can. They are not your friend.

Anonymous said...

Did Miss Thing put hashtag #Hetoo??? Lmaooooooo

DaisyDooks said...

Don't mess with a black mama's son!

Anonymous said...

You Was Supposed To Kick THAT Bitch In Her Throwback Pussy -

I Wish A 25+ YO Would Come For My Teen Ager

Makes The Accusations THAT Much More Believable- Especially If Kyle Did NOT 'Feel Abused'

Uh Huh Will See How This Unfolds

Stay Woke-

Anonymous said...

Where tf were you when your 16yr old son was sending pics of his vienna sausage to a 23yr old woman? You late and loud for no reason ma'am.

Unknown said...

Girl bye! He did that shit and your other son is a damn woman beater.

Anonymous said...

Ugh!!! Now I see where he gets all that ugly from, he looks just like his mother.

theprankguy said...

He is the same guy whose girlfriend played a fakeababy pregnancy prank on him!

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