Wednesday, June 30, 2021

NeNe Leakes Wasn't Supposed to Share Cancer News

This week former Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes informed fans that her husband Gregg was back in the hospital after his cancer returned [click here if you missed that]. 

Turns out Gregg didn't really want to share that news...

In a post on Instagram NeNe says she was caught off guard by the question about Gregg and accidentally overshared as a result.


Anonymous said...

She will do anything for attention. If you share something about her she will go completely off. She needs to stay permanently banded from TV. Her little celebrity status has gone to her head.

ms mac said...

If she truly cared about her husband's privacy it would never have crossed her mind to let something like that slip out. A simple He's hanging in there or he's doing fine would've sufficed. Somehow I get the feeling she can't wait for him to croak so she can cash in.

Vernell said...

The #1 Housewives Attention HO3 Is At It Again... As Long As Someone Is Blogging Something That She Has Said, She Feels Relevant... We Don't Care About Her, BUT WE DO LIKE & CARE ABOUT GREGG...NeNe Made Her Bed Hard By Herself... NENE, JUST GO AWAY, BYE & BLOOP!!!

Anonymous said...

What Do Old Dirty Ass Niggas Think??

Anytime There Is A Generational Age Gap -Daddy/Daughter Dynamics ..

& Those Lines Are Blurred.

THIS Happens When They Coerce Women Who Are Young Enough To Be Their Daughter Into A Relationship.

Nene Has Outgrown Him & Learned To Hate Him

What Did He Expect ?

Maturity ? Loyalty ? For Her To 'Know Better' ?

Deal W People In Your Own Age Range & You Won't Have 'Ne Ne Issues'

Dirty Old Men Are So Deluded. What His Old Ass Gets.

Of Course She Is Waiting On His Old Ass To Die W Her Fingers Crossed That He Don't Die On Top Of Her..

Stay Woke -

Anonymous said...

I love Nene she can do NO wrong. She gave me life. BLOOP

Anonymous said...

She told it because she has nothing else to talk about. Her life is irrelevant now that she has blacklisted herself.

Anonymous said...

Greg is getting his comeuppance from how he abandoned his 1st wife and 4 kids for NeNe. I don't mean the cancer, I mean him living to see how evil NeNe is and how she didn't really love him. Same thing happened to my dad who abandoned his kids for a woman with the spirit of Jezebel. Once, he served her purpose she was ready for him to die. Same thing with NeNe and Greg. She loved him when he got her off the pole, but once she became a reality person she wanted him gone. If he passes she will use his death for attention. He better be getting right with God because he will be answering for leaving his 1st family.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, she is a narcissist, "Greg says to me keep smiling." You???? You don't have cancer eating you up, he does. She is the worst. Greg God doesn't let you escape without first seeing the truth.

A said...

11:53 AM Bitch go take your meds and find your daddy ho

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