Thursday, July 08, 2021

Kel Mitchell's Ex Wife Claims He Physically Abused Her

For the past year former child star Kel Mitchell's ex wife Tyisha Hampton has been accusing him abandoning her and their children financially [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Tyisha claims Kel was also physically abusive during their marriage...

This week Tyisha shared a video on Tik Tok asking for legal advice after Kel filed a domestic violence restraining order against her to prevent her from speaking about him on social media. In the video Tyisha says Kel is misusing the legal system and shares a picture of her bloody face as an example of REAL domestic violence and implies Kel was the perpetrator.


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chevychick said...

Dear Corona virus. What have you done to these whores. You literally have them comming out of the woodwork. You make them remember shit that they forgot before your arrival. "Oh, 15 yrs ago you beat my ass", "oh, you ain't paid child support since 2001", "your son says", "your 22yr old kid feels depressed." They didn't feel these ways before, they was quiet, but now, ya'll are remembering shit. Why Corona? And then they linger, they just won't go away. And I'm not just referring to this situation, it's many in the bitter baby momma collective that belongs to this comment. I don't condone violence against ANYONE, but go to the police, WHEN IT HAPPENS! Don't run to social media 5, 10, 15 yrs after the BS. What can social media do for you? What part of the game is this, y'all be trippin. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Why she going so Hard tho.....How she expect this man to try to get some roles if she shittin on his image....If sh*t waa that bad we would've been heard from this bird. Ni66a hit hard times & she tryna bury him....These bitches need to learn from Shaunie O'neal. No matter how fukd up things are, your baby daddy still needs them contracts!!! Keep it cute in public!

Gg57 said...

She sounds delusional. Kel aint got nowhere near 1.2 million. Kenan probably has it though. Lol Babygirl kickin herself cuz she fcked the wrong tv star.. lmaooooo

Anonymous said...

I dont know who these ppl are. Stop using your out of wedlock kids for a bank machine. Wearing a bikini on tik tok asking for legal advice looks like a thirst trap for the next dummy.

Anonymous said...

^ 10:11 AM & 11:08 AM #EVERYTHANG y'all [said] wrote !! ����

ms mac said...

Something ain't right with this girl. She seems very slow and acts quite remedial to be somebody's mother. And she needs to put some clothes on. All that thirst trapping for a new sponsor is not a good look.

Anonymous said...

Mad at her because he beat her and abandoned his kids?
And you nigger bitches wonder why you are the most disrespected and least protected too lol. Look how you do each other ova yalls Kang . Same kang who would not go to bat for none of yall talking shit.

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