Monday, August 30, 2021

Accuser Testifies That R. Kelly Felt Entitled to Younger Women Because of His Musical Genius

A third R. Kelly girlfriend has taken the stand in his New York sex trafficking trial and testified that the Grammy Award winning singer / songwriter believed he should be able to date underage girls because of his musical contributions to the world...

The latest person to take the stand in R. Kelly's current sex trafficking trial has testified that the R&B singer once compared himself to Jerry Lee Lewis – a rock 'n' roll frontrunner who married his 13-year-old cousin – and wondered why society would not allow "geniuses" like them to do whatever and whoever they wanted to do.
The 39-year-old accuser – who only went by "Stephanie" during Thursday's hearing in Brooklyn federal court – said her six-month relationship with the 54-year-old singer began in 1999, when she was 17 and he was 32.
She recalled a conversation she once had with Kelly and two others, in which he allegedly said he said he preferred "young girls" and questioned why "people make such a big deal of it."
"'Look at Jerry Lee Lewis,'" she said, quoting the singer. "'He's a genius, and I'm a genius. We should be able to do whatever we want. Look at what we give the world.'"