Thursday, August 19, 2021

Amber Rose Calls Out Cheating Baby Daddy

Two years ago celebrity girlfriend Amber Rose gave birth to her second child with her current boyfriend Def Jam music exec Alexander 'AE' Edwards [click here if you missed that]. 

Last night Amber broke up with AE after publicly exposing his serial cheating...

Amber and AE have one child together, she has one child with her ex-husband rapper Wiz Khalifa and she was introduced to the masses by her most famous ex- Kanye West. 


Anonymous said...

its been downhill for her since Kanye with the men. how low will she go next?

also nobody really cares about her once she tatted her face.

Anonymous said...

Surely there's more interesting gossip out here Snitch

Anonymous said...

So a proud and vocal slut and hoe got a baby daddy who is also a hoe with 12 side hoes? And you mad? If he got 12 side hoes then you the 13th side hoe

NyahbinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

This must be a typo, 12 women? I would have through 12 men since his ass, always looked light in loafers to me. And how is she mad, when she proclaimed to the world being a proud slut bucket and way trying to make hoedome be the new wave. I would think the former court jester of slut walk, would have no problems her light in the loafer baby daddy being a slut himself.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like she tried to be a housewife and not the hoe he fell in love with

Anonymous said...

This is why no one should take these liberal feminists and pro-sex work sluts seriously. Feminism had gone down hill since these dumb LibFem white hoes and freaky transwomen took over. And men support liberal feminism because radical feminism told them the truth about how toxic patriarchy is, whereas liberal feminism strokes their sexual male egos.

That Slut Walk attracted scum bag men. That Slut Walk wasn't feminism-- it was the Daddy Issues March. A bunch of low self esteem women and dumb bored white liberal feminists trying to politicize being a nympho when all they really need was intensive therapy.

Y'all females wanna be sluts in the name of feminism? But turn around and complain about cheating? The truth is men and women shouldn't be sluts. Being promiscuous and sexually perverted is not healthy behavior.

Amber is getting what she put out.

Anonymous said...


Learn that the dynamics of women's bodies IS NOT THE SAME as men's cant "run thru" 12 men and thtink you're doing something....No dummy, you are sluting yourself out 12X more

Women can't do what men can ( not to give men a pass for whoremongering, because God is going to KILL all whoremongers anyway ), but what I'm saying is you can't slut a man out, but they can slut you out!

Anonymous said...


A woman's body has more "play things" on it like big butts and breasts

By nature, the Missionary position even teaches that Men are ABOVE women ( I know yall Hate to hear this, but you gon be alright)
Women are Subject to Men. PERIOD.

The way a man handles a woman sexually, a woman can't do that to a man. He's the giver, and she's the receiver. Point Period.

Why the hell you think men LOOOOVE sexing women so much? It's a Dominate/Power thing

When men are on TOP of you getting it in, that is domination, and you are subject to them.

Learn the dynamics, so you won't be out here Slutting yourself out and thinking you're doing something. LoL

R in NYC said...

Amber is a basic bird. Dude did an interview and admitted it's more than 12. Way more. She just thought her well used 😺 was going to keep him faithful. She's too old and ran through to be so niiave with "men".
Dude looks all kinds of zesty. I'm shocked he loves da coochie.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm proud of her. I pray the Lord heals her broken heart and blesses her real good!

Anonymous said...

She really went down hill with this nobody. Time to pull up your big gurl panties and get back on your grind.

Unknown said...


That is a very interesting perspective on "liberal" vs "radical" feminism. I've always hated what "liberal" feminism came to represent - the stroking of male egos. I think it started with Beyonce (how ironic) and how she tried to justify the over-sexualization of women by claiming it was "empowering", because it allowed her to take "ownership" of her body by catering to the misogynistic views of womanhood. "Radical" feminism is something I respect because it does shine a bright light on how toxic patriarchy is.

As for Amber...the jokes just write themselves. I think Amber was under the misguided impression that by taking something "negative" (sluts!) she could create something beautiful and positive. However, what she failed to take into account was that 1. She looks and is partially black 2. She had no "brand" outside of being a beard and a slut 3. Sluts aren't respected in any industry. The biggest example of this is Kim Kardashian. Kim doesn't even market herself as a "slut" but it's a moniker that will forever be attached to her brand because she allowed herself to be filmed while fucking her boyfriend. And instead of being ashamed, she capitalized off of it and created a million dollar empire. And even with that success, the real power still sees her as a whore with a price tag.

Sucks for Amber but hopefully she'll take this time to evaluate her brand and what she wants the next half of her life to look like.

Unknown said...


Women are the "receivers" because we create, carry, and nourish life. It has nothing to do with power dynamics, nor does it mean that men are "supposed" to have dominion over women. Our bodies were created for a specific purpose, it was not an outline for dominion. Just like every plant, animal, and creature on this planet has a purpose in the cycle of life. It was man who tried to use God's purpose as a manipulative tool for domination. We (men & women) are partners in the creation and sustainability of life. No one is above that purpose.

Anonymous said...

Did she really think it was a "forever" type situation? Really? Seems to be that whole group of fuck bois and hoes just use each other for what they can get in the immediate. I think Coonye may be available again.

Blue said...

I know Wiz was glad to get rid of her

Anonymous said...

That's called a polyamorous relationship. In her original statement she didn't exclusively say women... It's probably a mix of men, women and trannies. Amber swear she's Ashley Graham and that big fat white girls are always winning.

Unknown said...

@11:19 AM

That is some funny but real shit you said!!

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