Thursday, August 26, 2021

Dell Curry Accuses Estranged Wife of Cheating with Ex NFL Player

This week news leaked that NBA brothers Step and Seth Curry's mother, Sonya Curry, filed for divorce from their retired NBA player father Dell Curry after both accused the other of cheating [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Dell Curry is naming names...

From TMZ
Steph Curry's father says Sonya is, and has been, dating Steven Johnson -- a 6th-round pick in the 1988 NFL Draft.
In the docs, Dell says Sonya "began her extramarital affair with Mr. Johnson during the marriage and prior to the date of separation, and she lied to [Dell] each time she cheated on him."
Dell, in the docs, says Sonya is actually living with Johnson in Tennessee ... and claims she should not be entitled to alimony because of it.

Sonya, admits she is in a dating relationship but denies cheating during her marriage and also denies moving in with her boyfriend after Dell kicked her out of their marital home. 


Anonymous said...

I believe he cheated first and is just mad because she did the same.
Stay off the net old timers.

Anonymous said...

Men looooove to cheat but hate to get cheated on

R in NYC said...

Oh well...hes just mad cuz she upgraded to a wealthier man who probably treats her 200% better than his controlling azz.

NiyabinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

These men can dish it out, but when the shoe is on the other foot, they out here looking and sounding crazy.

Anonymous said...

He has his nerve!!! She was separated for a year (a requirement in the Carolinas) before getting divorce.

She is so better off getting rid of this egotistical person.

Malika said...

I didn't give a damn about them when they were married. Why should I care who did what when they're divorcing? They aren't celebrities. Their sons are. They can keep this between them because #NoOneCurr

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