Thursday, August 19, 2021

Dwight Howard Fighting Child's Grandmother Over Visitation Rights

Last year NBA player Dwight Howard was accused of cruelly taking one of his children away from the grandmother who raised him since birth after the death of the child's mother Melissa Rios [click here if you missed that]. 

Dwight and the grandmother are currently battling over visitation...

Dwight’s ex died unexpectedly after suffering from an epileptic seizure. The two were never married. The case, which was filed in July 2020, demands the court grant a visitation order for Edelmira Rios to see her grandson, David.
In court, Edelmira claimed David had lived with her since Melissa passed. She told the court it would be in the best interest of the minor if she had a visitation schedule put in place.
In his response, the NBA star said David is currently living with him in Georgia. He denies Melissa’s mother “has been a caretaker of the minor child since birth.”
Prior to his ex-girlfriend’s death, Dwight says they shared joint custody of David and were the primary caretakers. He says he objects to granting visitation of David to his grandmother as it is proposed.
His lawyers also deny Dwight has kept the kid from Edelmira since Melissa’s passed. The Lakers star says Edelmira never argued that he wasn’t a fit parent in her petition. He is demanding the entire case be thrown out of court.
Dwight says he has no problem allowing Edelmira to see David but doesn’t believe a court order should be granted.