Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Future Sends Disgusting Message to Pre-Teen Son

Last year rapper Future's baby mama no.3, Brittni Mealy, put the rapper on blast for ruining their 8-year-old son's birthday party after cursing out the child and telling him he was going to shoot his mother [click here if you missed that]. 

Future continues his streak of questionable parenting...

Last night Brittni Mealy shared messages Future sent his son calling his mom a 'ho' after refusing his son's request for new clothes.  

Brittni followed up accusing Future of being salty that she no longer sleeps with him and accusing him of child abuse. 

That's when Future's mother chimed in accusing Brittni of seeking attention because she wasn't getting her way. 

That's when Britti really went off. 

As for Future he Tweeted simply 'Pray for Her.' 


Ella M Nopea said...

Pray for your own mama. I don't know which baby mama this is but she sure put Future mother in the place she belongs.

Its the 11 kids by 11 baby mamas without committing to any of them.


GA Peach said...

That child ain't a preteen Snitch. He 8 freaking years old. How dare him send this mess to that little boy.

R in NYC said...

Lawd chiile... this is why you can't let a immature fuckboi hit it raw no matter who he is. All this drama could have been prevented if birth control and better judgment was used.
It's his mama jumping in for me.
She raised that fuckboi and will defend him no matter what.
Future is a whole douchebag for saying that to his child.
Was she a ho when he got her pregnant?
Future thinks because he has some money he can be an asshole and a jerk and his harem should keep hopping on his dick.

It's time for lunch...this shit is whack.

R in NYC said...

And she knows she exposed her or her child's phone number right?

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah. They'll be jetting off to some exotic destination together soon enough.

The King Of The Real said...

I thought we knew future was a piece of crap

NyahbinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

She laid down and spawned with this pos fuck boi, of course his mama will support the pathetic fuck boi she raised, she probably looks like puffy's combs mother lil kim clone wanna be, still in the club acting like she 25. All involved are pathetic, if anyone deserves prayers its the children of these toxic environment, let's hope the daughters stay off the pole and the boys stay out of rap, emulating their worthless add "deddy"

Kupcakeshay said...

Pray for yourself and your mammy-both of u are pure trash.....

Anonymous said...

She saw a cash cow for 18-21yrs. Now deal with it.
If shes a Hoe what does that make him 500 hundreds kids later.

Anonymous said...

8 years old is young to have a cell phone. She should take Future to court over this and make him pay for therapy for his son. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

If you almost 40 and calling your mom for help...Yeah my dude you are a piece of work.
I bet money that mom is one of the reasons he all tore up on the inside too.

Traci404512 said...

Child abuse.
he is a breeder.
if he had to change diapers, take them to school give them baths, help do home work, take care of the when they were sick, make dinner, lunch breakfast, get them dressed, wash clothes and have them with him 24 hours a day. His behavior would be different.
I bet if you asked him to name any of his kids school teachers he couldnt tell you.

theprankguy said...

She once played a fakeababy pregnancy prank! Those products are just crazy man!

Anonymous said...

When you lays down with a known scratching, itchy dog you wake up with fleas, and a baby.

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