Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Kenya Moore Wins Right to Film Daughter for RHOA

Kenya Moore wins the right to film daughter Brooklyn for The Real Housewives of Atlanta in bitter custody battle with estranged husband Marc Daly...

From Radar Online  

A Georgia judge ruled Kenya Moore’s daughter Brooklyn can continue filming Real Housewives of Atlanta despite her father’s attempts to block it.
According to court documents obtained by Radar, the decision was reached back in June after Kenya and her ex-Marc Daly were in court over custody.
In the order, [the judge] said he was “not convinced, and no evidence has been shown, that” Kenya would place Brooklyn in “any environment that might not be in the minor child’s best interest, or may in any way be considered dangerous or inappropriate.”
The judge said Kenya’s testimony showed the opposite and proved she was a protective and involved parent. “The evidence has further shown that if Petitioner is not able to involve the minor child, that it could negatively impact her ability to make money, or even be employed.”
The order states Kenya has the final authority of allowing Brooklyn to appear on the show. However, she is ordered to tell Marc about each time she is filming and Brooklyn will only appear in “age appropriate” scenes.


Anonymous said...

She's a cutie pie!!!

Anonymous said...

Although, I agree that children should not be on reality t.v., Marc is NOT the dedicated parent that Kenya is. Kenya is a parent 24/7,
but he is one when it is in his schedule. Kenya is feeding and providing for their child while he is a zillion miles away living his life child free. If he loved and cared for her, he would move to the state his child is in. He was in N.Y long before COVID and so we know he doesn't care that much or he'd start a business in Atlanta or hire a manager to be there more than him. You can't call the shots when the judge knows you are not even around. Marc is lowdown and is suing Kenya for half the cost of her home even though she paid 515,000 for it in full before she even met him. He's a scoundrel. Women need to stop marrying low.

R in NYC said...

This Marc dude needs to sashay away. He was paid to play hubby. He cashed out now he can get the hell on. He was hardly ever around to raise the kid now he wants to dictate....**sigh**.

Monique said...

Kenya is gonna PIMP her child out!!!

Anonymous said...

Kenya needs a story line. I'm sure Andy Cohen passed some coins across the judges palms. ATL is known for being corrupt.
Every time that little girl is aired on TV he will be counting the coins, with his hand out.

Anonymous said...

Marc doesn't gaf about that kid like that. He's using the kid to get to Kenya, you know the way women do men. They've definitely switched roles.

I'm curious to know his relationship with his other kids, if he has any.

I'm glad Kenya won this round. Keith Sweat did that same ish to Lisa Wu and their sons. She spent 2-3 seasons showing only one kid, but all the while she's a mom to 3 boys total.

michaelgr124 said...

Is that a nipple in this pic??

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