Friday, August 27, 2021

Kimora Lee Wants Russell Simmons Lawsuit Tossed Out

Earlier this year former music mogul Russell Simmons filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons and her current husband Tim Leissner after accusing them of fraudulently liquidating his shares in an energy drink company to pay Leissner's legal bills [click here if you missed that]. 

Kimora wants the case tossed out....

In newly filed documents, Kimora’s lawyer says, “at the time Defendants used the Celsius shares for purposes of the bond in connection with the federal case, Lee understood and believed that Defendants were authorized to use the shares for the bond.”
Kimora says Russell had resigned from the board of Nu Horizons months before she made the transfer. She said he also sold off his interest in the company and other assets to another company called Keyway Pride LTD for $14.25 million.
She also argues the shares have not been sold off. Kimora says they are simply temporarily being held by the government temporarily as collateral for the bond and will be returned. Kimora says all claims of fraud should be immediately dismissed.


Anonymous said...

They all are frauds. Kimora will do anything to stay with a man with money now that she is old and worn out looking.
Russell needs to be stabbed in the eye.

Anonymous said...

If fake it til you make it was a person!

Anonymous said...

They are all evil. Including Kimora Lee giraffe geisha ass. Kimora did the same thing to get Baby Phat that Rihanna did to get Fenty: prostitute her body to rich men, exploit and step on Black women, and rub shoulders with pedophiles and rapists.

Kimora is a psychopath and I'm glad she's going out bad with her evil, rapist pedophile ex-husband.

R in NYC said...

She will stay with this current hubby until the money runs out. She's a greedy conniving heffa but Russell taught her well.

Anonymous said...

@3:11 nothing you stated nor her behaviors say psychopath, that's my field hun, and do tell how you are qualified to make such an incorrect diagnosis, or are you one of those illiterate JESTERS that just uses words that they hear lacking knowledge of its actual meaning.....again, do tell sweetie.

Anonymous said...


A psychopath beats an old lady over a parking space. A psychopath also enables a pedophile rapist. Kimora Lee's ugly, hotdog neck ass is evil!

Anonymous said...

You are so full of shit. As far as the rest of us are concerned you're just another nosey gossiper on RWS. This applies to you, beware of people who brag about themselves. A lion never has to tell you he is a lion. You're a legend in your own warped mind.

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