Monday, September 27, 2021

Kelly Price Comes Forward

For the past few days family, fans and friends have been worried sick about gospel singer Kelly Price after her only surviving sister filed a missing persons report claiming she hadn't seen Kelly since she checked into the hospital to be treated for COVID19 [click here if you missed that]. 

Kelly comes forward and reveals she was never missing and that she and her sister have been estranged since long before the pandemic... 

In a video taped interview for TMZ Kelly Price shockingly claims that 'she died' from COVID but was revived by a team of doctors. 

Kelly explains that she had been at home battling COVID with the help of her husband, and daily video chats with her doctor, when her breathing became shallow and her temperature shot up. The doctor told Kelly to go to the hospital, where she claims she flatlined and remembers waking up and the doctor asking if she knew what year it was. 

Later, because the hospital needed beds, Kelly was allowed to go back home to convalesce where she infected her husband. Kelly is now COVID free but still has a long road for recovery. 

As for her sister Kelly says she has not seen her face to face since their mother's funeral and that they have been estranged for a very long time. Kelly also accused her sister of manipulating her children, but admitted she hadn't allowed any visitors because she and her husband were both infected with COVID. 

Kelly also had to leave her home because fans found out her address and have been dropping by to check on her all hours of the day and night.