Friday, September 24, 2021

Kelly Price Listed as a Missing Person

R&B singer Kelly Price has gone missing after being admitted to the hospital to treat COVID19...

From TMZ
Kelly posted a video July 29 revealing she had COVID and was struggling with symptoms. According to Kelly's family ... she was admitted to the hospital about a week later and ended up in the ICU because her condition worsened.
Her family tells TMZ ... they were in touch with Kelly while she was in the hospital in early August, and her children visited her several times. However, 3 weeks after she was admitted ... we're told her kids got a call that she'd been discharged, which was surprising because she was apparently still not fully healthy.
The family says Kelly has not been heard from since, and they told cops her boyfriend is allegedly keeping friends and family members from visiting her home.
We're told this concerned many people close to Kelly, and led to someone alerting the authorities to do a welfare check last week.
Now, she's officially considered missing, and we're told there's an active investigation to find her.