Thursday, September 30, 2021

Macy Gray Acts Out on The Masked Singer Australia

Singer / songwriter Macy Gray refuses to take off her mask and leave the stage after being voted off 'The Masked Singer' in Australia...

There were two spectacular reveals on Sunday's episode of The Masked Singer.
And while fans were thrilled by the double-unmasking of radio host Kyle Sandilands and singer Macy Gray, there was apparently some awkwardness behind the scenes.
That's because the I Try hitmaker, whose real name is Natalie Renée McIntyre, didn't want to leave the competition despite being voted off.
One of the show's judges, Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes, said Macy, 54, 'refused to leave' despite being told it was time to take off her mask and say goodbye.
'She said, "No, I'm continuing in the show," and there had to be a discussion which went for quite a while as to, "No, you have to leave." She said, "No, I'm not leaving."
'The thing is, we can't do the end of the show unless the head comes off.' Co-host Ed Kavalee then said: 'So, she still had the head on, and they're saying, "Hey, Macy-slash-Atlantis, we need you to take the head off so you can go."
'[And] she's responding, "No I'm keeping the head on"?'
Fellow anchor Erin Molan then speculated that Macy wanted to stay on the show longer to secure a bigger payday.
'I don't know the contractual situation…' Hughesy responded, adding that Macy took a lot of convincing before she agreed to take her mask off and leave.