Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Priscilla Rainey Petitions Court to Seize Game's Mansion

Earlier this month rapper Game was ordered to turn over his Cash App account to Priscilla Rainey after refusing to pay the $7 million judgement she won against him five years ago after suing him for sexually harrasing her on the set of his VH1 dating competiton show 'She's Got Game [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Priscilla is accusing Game of using his manager to hide his assets and she wants his house seized and sold off to satisfy the judgement... 

According to court documents obtained by Radar, Priscilla Rainey is suing the rapper along with several companies she believes he opened.
The other defendants include JTT Holdings, Inc, F12 & Associates, 5th Amendment Entertainment and Pass Go 2 Win LLC. She also dragged The Game’s manager Cash M. Jones.
In the suit, Rainey reveals she has collected $258,058 from The Game but is still owed $6,872,041. Rainey says Jones owns a record label named 5th Amendment.
The court docs say 5th Amendment received $905k owed to The Game since 2017. Her investigation also revealed The Game runs the LLC named JTT Holdings. She says $342k was sent from Jones’ company to JTT Holdings in 2019.
She accuses Jones of helping The Game divert money so she can’t seize it. Rainey says she’s been unable to seize The Game’s Calabasas mansion because the deed was transferred into Jones name. The Game reportedly still lives in the home. She says Jones is paying the mortgage on the home with money she believes he collected on behalf of his client.
To make matters worse, Rainey says The Game transferred the rights to his royalties to Jones and even his trademark his now owned by his manager.
The new lawsuit is asking the court to order The Game still owes her $8.8 million on the original judgment. She also wants the $2.8 million transferred between Jones and The Game’s companies handed over immediately.
Rainey also wants the rapper’s mansion put on the market and sold off along with an injunction against him transferring assets.