Sunday, October 31, 2021

Alpo Martinez Gunned Down in Harlem

Harlem hoodlebrity, Alpo Martinez, was killed in drive-by shooting early Sunday...

Notorious drug lord-turned-federal witness Alberto “Alpo” Martinez was gunned down by a killer who opened fire on his truck on a Harlem street Sunday morning, police sources said.
Martinez, 55, was behind the wheel of a Dodge Ram on Frederick Douglass Blvd. near W. 152nd St. when several gunshots exploded through his driver’s side window just after 3:20 a.m., police sources said.
His truck rear-ended another motorist who told police he heard the shots but didn’t see what happened, sources said. The Dodge Ram then crashed into three parked cars by W. 147th St., sources said.
“Alpo finally got caught slipping,” one passerby said. “They shot him in the f---ing face. They finally got that rat.”

Fun Fact: Dip Set rapper Cam'Ron's character in the movie Paid in Full was based on Alpo.  


Anonymous said...

Not black. Just look black. Him Puerto Rican.
And he is NOT dead.

Anonymous said...

Watch a Movie, Read a book and learn

Unknown said...

Niggas get shot every day B

Anonymous said...

I don't know who he is, but they are reporting that he's graveyard dead. when you're in the drug game most of the time you end up dead or doing a long prison bid.

Anonymous said...

Three things to know:

One, Alberto Martinez wasn't just some federal informant. He IS a federal agent. Even Azie knew. He didn't know at first but he eventually figured it out and that's why he originally wanted out of the drug game when he found out Alpo was actually an FBI agent. But it wasn't just Alpo that was implanted.

Two, Alpo had his FBI cohorts watching him the entire time, so nobody just rolled up and shot up his truck and the FBI didn't see it. They keep eyes on their man.

Three, Alpo sitting in a 2017 dodge ram pick up by himself at 3 in the morning. Purely cover up.
The vehicle isn't Alpo, by himself isn't Alpo, no stage isn't Alpo and somebody knew he'd just be sitting there at 3. And then Rich Porter family immediately threw a party in the streets. With balloons and pics and shit. All paid.

Bonus: the only way he's dead for real is if they did it. Again, this dude is a fed.

Anonymous said...

Puerto Rican is not a race....try again

Put the pipe up its too early....

Anonymous said...

I saw footage from the scene and not a single drop of blood in sight. Anyone else catch that?

Anonymous said...

11:23 Right!!!

Crime scene photos released that early. Even images from inside truck. Not a single drop of blood.
Notice the entry points into the window? Cop shit. All day. Ever sat at the range with cops and watch them shoot. Okay.
Better stop playing. Look just like a damn target sheet from NYPD. Lol.Hell Nawl.

Just like the feds are always nearby tekashi 69 they are always nearby alpo.

Another clue: nobody seen the shooting, but many heard the shots. This man aint never by himself. He always gotta a ball boy nearby. Period.

anonymous said...

@9:35 Let me believe Tupac still alive too right?

robin said...

u niggas got too much time on your hands talking harlem shit and aint from harlem. that nigga is dead period! fed or no fed his ass is outta here!

Anonymous said...

Tupac dead. Was shot up on the vegas strip in front of.....lets see.....EVERYBODY.

Alpo is NOT dead. Or shall I say Special Agent Martinez lol lol lol lol. Not dead. Show me a body? And a someone from law enforcement shot through that window. Hood dudes don't do cluster shots my man. Unless they ex military or ex police. Peeeer Reeee uddddd.

Thank you,
Go argue with your sargent. Lol

P.s. it just looks good on paper. Or social media. But nah. Lol

Anonymous said...

Robin had too much time on his hands to write the words.... "You niggas got too much time on your hands"

Ummmm didn't think that quite through did ya. #DummyAlertAisleZero lol lol lol I can't too funny

Anonymous said...

So we have Forensic Scientist on this blog that can analyze pictures from a distance. Get F*ck out of here.

The King Of The Real said...

should of moved

Anonymous said...

@11:48 and @12:10 PM

I recall the late 80s and 90s when Alpo was relevant. I recall the rumors that he was back home and all the outrage that ensued.

Now that his death has been reported, I've watched the videos an wondered, where was the money coming from? He was wearing custom clothes from Dapper Dan and leasing expensive cars, sky diving and even attended the NBA AllStar weekend.

Where was he money coming from who or what was financing him? If he was a Fed then his attendance to high profile hood events simply keep them in the know of who the current movers and shakers are. There is no street code and many were willing to associate with Alpo. The no snitching policy gets a lot of lip service, but isn't really enforced. Takashi 69 can attest to that.

Alpo was a killer who murdered a drug dealer who was overcharging him for product. This is all part of the game. He was allowed to kill upwards of 14 during the height of the crack era. Once caught Alpo snitched on a a more notorious killer.

The crime scene was too clean. Too matter of fact. Too perfectly laid out. He was shot 4 times (only four shots were heard and recorded)and wounded drove 5 blocks, then crashed into a parked vehicle at the precinct. The fifth and final shot probably was inflicted after the crash.

Were the police involved in some way? I wouldn't be surprised. The hit was professionally executed. A bloodless shoot is damn near impossible. Also, where is the passenger that was with him that night? Did they separate before or after t he shooting?

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