Thursday, October 21, 2021

Floyd Mayweather Sued Over Unpaid Jewelry

Jeweler accuses Floyd Mayweather taking advantage of their friendship to trick him out of an expensive jewelry haul...

According to court documents obtained by Radar, Eric & Co Trading Company is suing the professional fighter in federal court. The company says Mayweather was a frequent client and had a good relationship with them until recently. Eric & Co accuses Mayweather of using his “fame and good standing” with them to take merchandise worth $389k on credit with the promise to pay him.
The suit says Mayweather visit their Miami pop-up shop on June 5, 2021. “Due to the prior relationship between Plaintiff and Defendant, and prior dealings of similar nature,” the jeweler agreed to let Mayweather take home items without putting any money down.
The following day, a rep for Eric & Co text Mayweather the invoice for the items. The fight reportedly responded, “Thanks Family” which they took as an acknowledgment of his debt.
They claim Mayweather has promised to transfer the money multiple times but never did. The suit says the fighter walked away with several expensive items. Mayweather is accused of taking a ton of gold Cartier diamond bracelets, a $34k diamond necklace, $12k “ice out choker” and 3 large white gold “TMT pieces given to Floyd.”
The company says he even took a $20k diamond/emerald cut butterfly necklace with a diamond tennis necklace. The lot of items also included a $42k diamond eternity ring.
Eric & Co says Mayweather owes them $389,550. They are demanding the court step in and force him to pay the invoice.