Monday, October 04, 2021

Frankie Lons Cause of Death Revealed

Back July singer / songwriter Keyshia Cole's mother, reality TV star Frankie Lons, died on her 61st birthday [click here if you missed that]. 

The cause of death has been determined...

According to reports Frankie died of an accidental overdose caused by multiple drug intoxication. Just last year Keyshia Cole announced that her mother had checked into rehab on her own for the the first time ever [click here if you missed that].

Frankie was first introduced to fans on the BET reality show 'Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is,' on her first day out of prison. Cameras followed along as Frankie tried to reunite all the children she lost to the foster care system. The break-out star later snagged a spin-off series causing years of estrangement with Keyshia [click here if you missed that].