Thursday, October 07, 2021

Lawsuit Confirms Dr. Dre Affair and Secret Baby Rumors

Five years ago there were rumors that Dr. Dre fathered a child with his longtime alleged mistress, tanning salon owner Kili Anderson [click here if you missed that]. 

Apparently Kili has confirmed the rumors in a lawsuit with a former employee...

From Page Six 

Dre has denied the affair. However, Page Six has learned that in 2019 court papers defending Anderson and her company Body Bakery in another case filed against her in the Superior Court of California by a former employee of the tanning salon, Brian Zerba, for wrongful termination, Dre’s name comes up.
Tucked into a laundry list of alleged fireable offenses committed by Zerba, who was employed in 2016, the papers claim: “Additionally, the owner of the tanning salon Kili Anderson, is said to have been in a relationship with the famous rapper Dr. Dre, with whom she had a child, and therefore she required all at will employees to sign a confidentiality agreement that they would not pry into her life and would keep all things that they learned about her life private.”
The papers continue, “Plaintiff constantly violated this term of his employment by asking other employees what they knew about Ms. Anderson, her child, and what was the nature of her relationship with Dr. Dre.”
Anderson’s lawyers further allege that the suit against her is “a shakedown,” and, “Plaintiff believes that defendant has money because she is involved in a relationship with a celebrity/artist.”