Friday, October 15, 2021

Stacey Dash Opens Up About Past Drug Addiction

Stacey Dash sits down with Dr. Oz for a candid discussion about her secret struggle with substance abuse after five years of sobriety...

This week Stacy Dash warned her fans that she would be sharing her deepest darkest secret on The Dr. Oz show. 

Turns out Stacey has been struggling with drug abuse for most of her life and just recently celebrated five years of sobriety. Stacey told Dr. Oz she had her first experience with drugs at 8 years old and that her mother gave her her first line of cocaine at age 16. Stacey also revealed that her father was a heroin addict. She talked about being in an extremely abusive relationship, with a man who beat her so badly that he broke her arm, and admitted that it took her nearly dying from organ failure to finally make her kick the habit.