Tuesday, November 23, 2021

B2K Headed Back Out on Tour?

Last week J Boog clowned his B2K bandmate Omarion for struggling without the rest of the band on the 2021 Millennium Tour [click here if you missed that]. 

Now it looks like the boys are getting back together...

Recently Raz B went live on Instagram and showed off what appeared to be a new contract for B2K to go on tour in 2022. 

The live was deleted almost immediately after.


Anonymous said...

Are middle aged women that interested in seeing this group?

I have to say, I painfully watched the AMA's and the talent was horrible. If it wasn't for New Edition, it would have been the worst show ever. Black talent makes the shows. Those Korean girls, I mean boys have copied all the black moves and can hardly speak English.

Anonymous said...

Aint NOBODY checking for B2K...not even Chris Stokes and the other industry booty bandits. Who knew booty had a shelf life?

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