Monday, November 22, 2021

J Boog Trashes Omarion and B2K-Less Millennium Tour

This year Omarion headlined the Millennium Tour without his boy band B2K after band member Lil Fizz had an affair with his baby mama [click here if you missed that]. 

Fellow band member J Boog chimes in on Fizz's apology and the tour struggling without B2K...

In a recent live stream with his fans J Boog mentions Lil Fizz apologizing to Omarion [click here if you missed that], and said it was a bad look for Omarion to leave B2K off the Millennium tour for personal reasons. Then Boog started roasting Omarion's stage show, his wardrobe and the fact that he lost the headlining spot on his own tour to Bow Wow. J. Boog also said the rest of B2k are considering recording new music and touring without Omarion.