Tuesday, November 16, 2021

DaniLeigh Assaults Da Baby

This week rapper Da Baby and his baby mama #3 DaniLeigh both went live in the middle of a fight while DaBaby was throwing Dani and their baby out of his Charlotte penthouse [click here if you missed that]. 

Apparently things turned physical...

Singer Danielle Curiel, also known as DaniLeigh, is facing two assault charges stemming from altercations late Sunday and Monday morning with rapper DaBaby, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department confirmed late Monday.
DaBaby, whose legal name is Jonathan Kirk, told responding officers late Sunday that Curiel assaulted him, and he was advised to pursue charges against her the following morning at the magistrate’s office. However, officers were called to the same uptown address Monday morning, and Kirk stated that Curiel assaulted him a second time.


The King Of The Real said...

Girl just put a cap in him or let it go. You got played. The writing was on the wall. Like he said you was a good time chick.

Anonymous said...

This is a real live mess. I can't stand him..but, it was kind of smart to run the camera. She could have said he assaulted her and his career is already shakey...he does need his ass kicked tho. Playing and laying up with these girls, getting them dirty, soiling them up and then discarding them like they are used toys. She thought she could change him. Thought the baby would change him. Gurl, keep living and you will see kids don't make people stay. A man can screw you to death and don't even have to like you..can't stand you..but he'll take that meat between your legs along as you let him. Dababy has daughters...he bet watch his steps with others folks girls. We reap what we sow....

NyahbinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

Other than seeing this fake white, too big teeth midget on blogs, I have no idea who the hell he is, nor have I ever heard his so called "music" and he certainly does not warrant enough interest to google. They are both clowns.

Unknown said...


These nuggas don't care about their daughters being used up like whores. Look at Lil Wayne's daughter. She for the streets.

As for Dani and Baby, lol smh, girl, if a man wants you to go, for whatever reason or logic, why not just LEAVE?! All Dani is doing is proving Da Baby right - that she's a side chick stalking ass female that won't leave his property, despite him asking her repeatedly on IG Live smh! Like, girl, where the fuck is your pride, self-esteem, and self worth? You are not his wife, you can't just decide when to leave someone else's property! Even if y'all have been fucking for the past 3 years - that don't entitled you to shit! She made herself look like the biggest fucking fool by yelling at him on camera, as he's begging her to fucking leave, because, she ain't shit but some pussy that he's tired of fucking!

Hell I got second hand embarrassment just watching the shit!

I said it yesterday, all man gotta do is disrespect me ONCE or tell me to leave ONCE, and I'm OUT! But, it's clear that Dani ain't got her own, and knows that once she leaves, she ain't ever gonna find another nigga like him (money+fame+financial security), so she's hoping if she hangs around long enough he'll forget everything and keep her around smdh.. it's really sad to be this pathetic and needy smh. I pray for her daughter having such a weak mother smdh

Anonymous said...

He will find another one just like her. They both should just go away.

Speaking of going away. Look who came back after getting her comments deleted by Snitch. Werewolfwoman. Hey girl you can go back to where ever you have been. We have done nicely here with out you and your Hoodoo comments.

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing the word "side chick..main chick"

DABABY is a single man using his "piece" irresponsibly. If an individual is not married their status is "single". We have a bunch of unwed single mothers acting up over some wayward peenus....nothing more nothing less.

ms mac said...

What I found sadder than this entire video are the women on his chat talkin bout they still love him and wish they were the gum in his mouth. Like WTF is really wrong with these people? And this is why fuckboys will always be marketable no matter what. The dysfunction never stops because people don't want it to. I'm believe some of these chicks really enjoy getting shitted on, like they take have some type deviant masochistic desire that draws them to humiliation and chaos. He's basically calling the mother of his newborn trash, despite being with her for years, and yet women out there still think he's a good catch. Pathetic and sad all at once.

Home girl really thought she'd be there forever but the light bulb finally came on when she got pregnant and realized her actual role. She was a trophy and a nut. Period, end of discussion. I feel sorry for her because she doesn't seem like she has anything going for herself. That's probably why she's holding on for dear life. But at some point you have to have dignity and self respect. That dude couldn't possibly love her because he has no love for himself. She's hurt now but if she's smart she'll lick her wounds, get her shit together and move on. No reason to keep chasing someone who keeps running away from you.

Ms. Mary Jane_International said...

He is lucky he didn't eat a bullet. Carry on

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